Image of "Bubbins"
Title <Theotar's Ward>
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ember Court, Revendreth
Status Active

"Bubbins" is a goblin soul located at the Ember Court. He serves as a ward of Theotar and provides a cooldown reduction buff during the event.



Salutations, my dear <name>.

<Bubbins glances at scribbles on the back of his hand.>

I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Theotar has told me so much about you.

May I pour you a cup of tea, or offer you a lovely parasol on this fine day?

<Bubbins tries very hard to make his smile look natural while awaiting your reply.>

Gossip I will take a cup of tea.

Theotar says: Bubbins suggested a feww new ingredients for this tea. We do hope you enjoy it!

Gossip I will take a parasol.

Theotar says: Excellent improvement, Bubbins. You did not poke anyone's eye this time!

Gossip "Bubbins"? Why has Theotar never mentioned you before?

The following conversation occurs:
"Bubbins" says: The Accuser recently assigned me to Theotar. He's helping me learn the error of my old ways!
Theotar says: As I have always said, the surest cure for ruffianism is strict manners, fine company, and a name that rhymes with "nubbins"!
Theotar says: I am pleased to be doing my part to help the young souls in our care. Bubbins will be cured in no time!

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