For Cookie's previous appearance in the Deadmines, see Cookie. For his soul, see Chef Cookie.
Boss"Captain" Cookie
Image of "Captain" Cookie
Title <Defias Kingpin?>
Gender Male
Race Murloc (Humanoid)
Level 16-87 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Defias Brotherhood
Location Ironclad Cove, Deadmines
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable Cataclysm

"Captain" Cookie is an elite murloc, captain of the Defias juggernaught, and the last boss of Deadmines in normal mode. In Heroic mode, there is one more boss after him. The murloc was using  [Cookie's Tenderizer] to fight, a fun fact, until we learned how many skulls he smashed with.[1]

Cookie survived his encounter and went to Talador to make some fine  [Legion Chili].[2] After meeting his demise at the hands of adventurers, his soul was sent to Maldraxxus where he became an abomination leftover.


Adventure Guide

"Captain" Cookie.

Cookie proclaimed himself captain of the Defias Brotherhood's juggernaut following its previous commander's death. Although he still performs his official duties as chief cook, anyone who questions the validity of his captain title has been known to come down with a severe case of food poisoning.


  • Inv misc food meat raw 04.png  Throw Food — "Captain" Cookie will rapidly throw food at the location of a random player, alternating between delicious and rotten food items.
  • Inv misc food 121 buttermeat.png  Rotten Aura — Rotten food on the ground emanates 9 to 10 Nature damage to nearby units within 2 yards.
  • Spell misc emotionsad.png  Nauseated — Players may right click on and eat the rotten food found on the deck. This removes the food and its corresponding Rotten Aura from the deck, but inflicts the Nauseated effect on the player dealing 16 to 19 Nature damage every 3 sec. for 30 sec. The Nauseated effect stacks.
  • Spell misc emotionhappy.png  Satiated — Players may right click on and eat the delicious food found on the deck. This removes the food from the deck, but the clicking player gains the Satiated effect. Satiated increases the melee and ranged attack speed, as well as spell casting speed of the player by 30% for 30 sec. The Satiated effect stacks. Each time the Satiated effect is gained, a single stack of the Nauseated effect is removed.


After Admiral Ripsnarl dies, Cookie will spawn inside the hut. He is heavily shadowed and untargetable. When you get near to him, he will run past you, to the center of the deck and spawn a cooking pot, then jump in it. If you get too close to the cooking pot, you will be dealt with fire damage. Cookie will throw food at random people, which will do damage and create food on the floor. There is Rotten food and normal food, the rotten food will emit a damaging aura to nearby players, if eaten it will debuff the player with 30% reduced movement and attack speed, and deal a DoT. The normal food when eaten will give players a stacking buff that increases movement and attack speed (with no stacking limit).

The Rotten food debuff can be dispelled by eating a normal food, thus not taking any AoE damage from the Rotten Food, and also keeping the normal food buff, which is 30% haste on casting, melee and range speed.

It is best if each member of the group eats one Rotten Food then eat one Normal Food to have the group have more space for movement. The achievement  [I'm on a Diet] still works if you alternate between Normal and Rotten Food. (And thus can be argued as the "correct" way of approaching this fight). Also, eating food does not de-select your dps/healing target, and everyone should therefore be able to eat everything around their feet, without moving and stop dps/healing the entire fight.

Note that Captain Cookie does not actually maintain a threat table. This fight can therefore be considerably shortened (and trivialized) by using 4 DPS and 1 healer.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Cookie's Stirring Rod]  [Cookie's Stirring Rod] Caster wand
 [Cookie's Tenderizer]  [Cookie's Tenderizer] Strength one-hand mace
 [Thief's Blade]  [Thief's Blade] Agility sword
 [Corsair's Overshirt]  [Corsair's Overshirt] Caster cloth chest
 [Cape of the Brotherhood]  [Cape of the Brotherhood] Agility cloak

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The shadowy figure

On Ripsnarl's death
A shadowy figure appears in the ship's cabin!


  • As Cookie will not move from his spot, this fight is rather easy to reset if needed. Leaving the deck will make it possible for you to no longer be targeted, but will not reset the fight, however if all players run further down the ramps he will despawn. He will also reset if players jump into the Defias Cannons.
    • Doing this may be seen as an "exploit" as you could DoT the boss then run off the deck, not having to worry about your health, as Cookie's health slowly drains away. This will mostly likely be fixed in the near future to prevent such actions.



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