The "Earth-Slasher" Master Plow is sold by from Neutral Gina Mudclaw <The Tillers Quatermaster> in Valley of the Four Winds for 250g after completing N [15-35] Growing the Farm III: The Mossy Boulder.

The plow appears to the left of the steps leading up to the small hut on the ranch. Clicking on it causes the plow to disappear from its resting place and appear in the player's inventory. The player should then stand next to a plot to be plowed and click on the plow, causing an animation of the character moving in the direction it was facing at the time and plowing any untilled plots in the path. The best results are realized when the player stands at one end of a row and faces in the direction of the opposite end, as the plow can till up to four plots (note that latency may reduce the number of plots tilled). If any "occupied" plots are in the way, the virmen within is forcibly expelled from the plot at half health and is stunned for a few seconds; the plot will require re-tilling -- either with the plow or by hand -- after the virmen has been killed. Once the player wishes to remove the plow from inventory, the standard message about the object being destroyed and asking for confirmation that the player wants to do this will appear, but in reality the plow respawns at its original spot near the steps and can be returned to inventory whenever the player clicks on it again.

As a quest objective

This item starts N [15-35] The "Earth-Slasher" Master Plow.

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