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Ускагерот's avatar
Role Former Russian Community Manager
Russian ex-Community Manager Uskageroth

Denys Ananyev, better known by his poster name Ускагерот (Uskageroth), is a former Blizzard Entertainment employee and was the first Russian language Community Manager for the European World of Warcraft community. He started posting on the forums at the same time they went live on the 15th of July 2008.

Uskageroth formerly worked for Ukrainian game developer company GSC Game World for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. He managed Russian-speaking community fan-portals for various game projects such as Guild Wars by NCSoft, Brothers-In-Arms by Gearbox Software and Juiced by Juiced Games. Uskageroth reached the world's Top 20 for the online racing game Juiced in 2005.

His nick-name "Uskageroth" is composed from the words "Russian", "tusskar" and "Azeroth".

Uskageroth played in the past on the famous so-called "Russian" realm Warsong by his favorite game class dwarf-hunter, because he very much likes firearms. He also has a Night Elf restoration druid and Human death knight for "Alterac farming". Uskageroth is mostly a PvP-player because of his preference for the spontaneous and unpredictable teamwork in battlegrounds. He plays Alliance on the Gordunni realm.

He served as a military paratrooper during the nineties.

His last post is dated 14th of November 2008.