Neutral... and the Pot, Too!

Cookie McYaungol
Start Uyen Chow [60.2, 85.9]
End Uyen Chow [60.2, 85.9]
Level 20-35
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 129000
Rewards  [Root Veggie Stew]
10g 20s
Previous B [20-35] Trouble on the Farmstead
Next A [20-35] Back to Westwind Rest, H [20-35] Back to Eastwind Rest

Root Vegetable

Cast Iron Pot

Wascally Wirmen


Collect 12 Root Vegetables and 1 Cast Iron Pot.


Sure, I'm willing to help you guys out. But we need to eat, too! I don't even have a pot to cook in! Let alone ingredients to put in it!

Here's a list of the things that I need. Now get!


You will receive:  [Root Veggie Stew] and 10g 20s


Do you have everything from the list?!


Well there you go. We should be plenty good, now.


  • 129000 XP


Pick up N [20-35] Farmhand Freedom before heading out.

Each overseer kill frees three slaves, and there are plenty of root vegetables on the ground. Should the Wascally Wirmen show up, kill it for six vegetables! The Cast Iron Pot is guarded by Cookie McYaungol inside the burned-out farmhouse near the middle of the farm.


Optional breadcrumb: A [20-35] Hero's Call: Kun-Lai Summit!/H [20-35] Warchief's Command: Kun-Lai Summit! (optional), B [20-35] The Road to Kun-Lai
Optional side quests: N [20-35] Robbing Robbers of Robbers, N [20-35] Educating Saurok, N [20-35] The Spring Drifter

  1. N [20-35] Call Out Their Leader & N [20-35] Hit Medicine & N [20-35] All of the Arrows
  2. A [20-35] Admiral Taylor has Awakened / H [20-35] General Nazgrim has Awakened
  3. A [20-35] Westwind Rest / H [20-35] Eastwind Rest
  4. B [20-35] Challenge Accepted
  5. Complete all of:
    1. B [20-35] Trouble on the Farmstead
    2. N [20-35] Farmhand Freedom & N [20-35] ... and the Pot, Too!
    3. A [20-35] Back to Westwind Rest / H [20-35] Back to Eastwind Rest
  6. Complete all of:

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