A list of Blizzard's 2004 April Fools.


World of Warcraft: Playable Two-headed Ogre Race!
Choose the Two-headed Player Race. By selecting the Two-headed Ogre race, you're selflessly choosing to share your existence in World of Warcraft with another player. That is, you are staking claim to one half of the Ogre whole.
Warcraft III: New Goblin Tinker Neutral Hero
Goblins are known for their mechanical expertise and clever, though sometimes peculiar, inventions, and the Tinker is certainly no exception. With his Claw-Pack/Hammer-Tank combo, the Tinker's ingenuity is undeniable. Note: This turned out to be a real unit in the game and not a joke.

Goblin Hero Invades Azeroth Bent on Revenge

The Goblins are angry and they've had enough! Many inhabitants of Azeroth have been taking the Goblins for granted. Goblin Zeppelins transport thousands of passengers daily. Goblin Shredders clear acres of forests to support Horde and Alliance war efforts. Goblin Sappers give up their lives via Kaboom to serve their war commander's needs. Goblin Merchants, Laboratories, and Goblin Shipyards provide additional services and merchandise. For what reward? It's time to pay the Goblins back! The Goblin Tinker is coming for you!

Press Release: Blizzard Entertainment® Announces .999~ (Repeating) = 1

At a press conference earlier today, Blizzard Entertainment® announced that .999~ does in fact equal 1. For seven and a half years, enthusiastic forum-goers have fervently debated the issue on the® forums.

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