"Prepare to elevate your online role-play to all new heights!"

A list of Blizzard's 2015 April Fools.


6.1.4 Patch Notes

Main article: Patch 6.1.4 (Evil Patch Notes)
These patch notes were written by lead game designers, producers, engineers, and artists, instead of having them work on important new changes and features.

Sound off with Confidence: Introducing B’Motes

Navigating the social pitfalls of online gaming can be a challenge. How do you voice your opinion without stepping on your guildmates' toes, or keep up with your team’s witty banter if you’re trying to concentrate on optimizing your DPS? If these are the kind of things that keep you awake at night, we have the solution. Today, we are proud to present you with a new way to enhance your Blizzard gaming experience: B’Motes!
With a staggering variety of brand-new emotes and expressions as well as an Automated Chat Optimization Overlay (AChOO*), you can finally sound just as epic as the heroes you play. To get the full run-down of how B’Motes will take your social online experience to the next level, visit the official B’Motes page now!

"For l’amour!"

New Garrison Feature: T.I.N.D.R. for Followers

Just because you’re stuck on Draenor fighting a constant, desperate battle for survival doesn’t mean there isn’t time for love. Coming in Patch 6.1.4, we’re introducing a new feature designed to help your Followers locate the perfect complement to their Abilities and Traits—the T.I.N.D.R. Box!
Find companions for your companions, and steer the boat of love to safe harbor.

Hearthstone - Hearthstone Patch Notes -

We’ve added a new feature called Harrison Jones’ Museum! Accessing it will allow you to gaze proudly upon all the weapons you’ve put in the museum, where they belong.

StarCraft - Pre-Order Legacy of the Void Keepsake Now!

Introducing the Spear of Adun (again)! Why settle for a simple button or desk caddy to represent your enthusiasm for StarCraft II when you could pilot a real Protoss arkship?

"Have you always wanted to see chibi Illidan face off against a kawaii Lord of Terror? Now’s your chance!"

Heroes of the Storm - INTRODUCING: BIG HEAD MODE

  • Experience enhanced collision using Facecheck™ technology as you run headfirst into tall grass and bushes and scour for your enemies!
  • An all-new set of unique character dialogue brings to life these familiar Heroes as you’ve never heard them before.*
  • Get closer to your beloved Heroes and get a new perspective on your favorite Battlegrounds, just watch out for low-hanging branches!
  • Be wary fighting against opponents who specialize in headshots. Just because your character has more innate charisma now doesn’t mean that Nova will show you any mercy!
  • Bonus features: Many models have received HD upgrades to their heads and hair, adding increased size and fidelity to their brazen beards, majestic antlers, stunning mandibles, and more.


Curse - Curse Voice - Now Integrated with Hearthstone

If you don't want to pay to communicate with your opponents with B'Motes, and want the ability to say whatever you want, Curse Voice has you covered!

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