A list of Blizzard's 2017 April Fools.


7.8.0 Patch Notes

[Note to community team: when you write the intro paragraph for this, include some flavor text about Mecha-Arthas, and maybe do some foreshadowing about an upcoming conflict with Vol'jin Prime.]

Classic® Theme Never Dies!
Does your heart long to relive the bygone days of Blizzard Entertainment is proud to introduce the exclusive Classic theme!
Official link, article since removed after April 1st. - Copy of article found at MMO-Champion

Hearthstone - Mankrik's Wife reveal

Hello children! Another Doyle Discovery! The Professor has datamined a new card that was missed from yesterday's reveal!

Starcraft - Breaking News: StarCraft II Instability (Co-op Mutation)

StarCraft 2 Co-op Mutation servers have been the target of a sustained attack of substantial magnitude.

Starcraft - Overlord Announcer coming to StarCraft II!


Wowhead - Build 24117 PTR Preview

We've started hearing about upcoming PTR changes and today we've found some new content on PTR realms: the You Are Not Peep-Pared Legion Assault which rewards A Tiny Guest, and a new Nomi Micro-Holiday Origins of the Firelord.

Deadly Boss Mods