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Returns conditionInfo applicable to the configID you enter

condInfo = C_Traits.GetConditionInfo(configID, condID)


number - For TalentTrees this will often be C_ClassTalents.GetActiveConfigID, this is -1 when inspecting a player. For professions, this will be C_ProfSpecs.GetConfigIDForSkillLine.
number - trait conditionId as found in e.g. C_Traits.GetNodeInfo or C_Traits.GetEntryInfo


TraitCondInfo - returns nil if no info is found
Field Type Description
condID number as supplied in the arguments
ranksGranted number? if the condition is met, this number of ranks is granted to applicable nodes
isAlwaysMet boolean generally false, no TraitConditions are currently used where this is true
isMet boolean whether the condition is met
isGate boolean whether the condition is a Gate - this generally only impacts tooltips and class talent trees
questID number? no conditions seem to currently exist with this value - presumably these would require a quest to completed; or, less likely, require the quest to be in your questlog
achievementID number? condition is met if the achievement has been earned
specSetID number? condition is met if your spec matches any spec from the specified specSet (see C_SpecializationInfo.GetSpecIDs)
playerLevel number? condition is met if you are at or above the specified level
traitCurrencyID number? combined with spentAmountRequired - matches the ID in TraitCurrencyCost (see C_Traits.GetNodeCost, and C_Traits.GetTreeCurrencyInfo)
spentAmountRequired number? condition is met if you spent the specified amount in the specified traitCurrency
tooltipFormat string? a tooltip string, potentially with placeholders suitable for string.format, which can be displayed if the condition isn't met
tooltipText string? Blizzard_SharedTalentUI adds this data to the response manually, see Blizzard_SharedTalentUtil.lua; the data is based on tooltipFormat, and adds quest/achievement/spec/level/spending info

Extra Info[]

Trait conditions have a specific types. These types are not exposed in the API, but an enum is documented (Enum.TraitConditionType). Conditions broadly fall into 2 categories, 'Friendly' and 'NotFriendly'. Friendly conditions give benefits, while NotFriendly conditions impose restrictions.

Value Field Category Description
0 Available NotFriendly Nodes are available by default, but if any condition of this type is not met, then the node is not available - e.g. Gates are implemented this way
1 Visible NotFriendly Nodes are visible by default, but if any condition of this type is not met, then the node is not visible - e.g. if a condition requires a specific spec, the node will be hidden
2 Granted Friendly Grants rank(s) for the relevant node
3 Increased Friendly No condition of this type currently exists, presumably they work similar to Granted