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Returns NodeInfo applicable to the configID you enter.

nodeInfo = C_Traits.GetNodeInfo(configID, nodeID)


number - For TalentTrees this will often be C_ClassTalents.GetActiveConfigID, this is -1 when inspecting a player. For professions, this will be C_ProfSpecs.GetConfigIDForSkillLine.
number - e.g. from C_Traits.GetTreeNodes


TraitNodeInfo? - if the configID is not valid, returns nil. If information for a node cannot be retrieved for another reason, all fields are zeroed out. Most information relates to your current preview state, unless otherwise specified
Field Type Description
ID number nodeID, 0 if node information isn't available to you
posX number X offset relative to the topleft corner of the UI, some class talent trees have an additional global offset
posY number Y offset relative to the topleft corner of the UI, some class talent trees have an additional global offset
flags number &1: ShowMultipleIcons - generally 0 for regular nodes, 1 for choice nodes
entryIDs number[] List of entryIDs - generally there is 1 for regular nodes, 2 for choice nodes; used in C_Traits.GetEntryInfo
entryIDsWithCommittedRanks number[] Committed entryIDs, which can be different from the preview state. E.g. moving talents/traits around, without pressing the confirm button, will not change this value
canPurchaseRank boolean False if you already have the max ranks purchased / granted; true otherwise
canRefundRank boolean False if you purchased 0 ranks; true otherwise
isAvailable boolean False if not available due to Gates (i.e. you may need to spend x more points to unlock a new row of traits/talents)
isVisible boolean False if a node should not be shown in the UI, this generally only happens when all other info is zeroed out as well
ranksPurchased number Number of ranks purchased, automatically granted ranks do not count
activeRank number The current (preview) rank for the node - used to track if the node is maxed, or has progress; this can never be greater than maxRanks
currentRank number Similar to activeRank - used for tooltips and other texts; through bugs, it can be possible for this to be greater than maxRanks, seems to be the sum of GrantedRanks + PurchasedRanks
activeEntry TraitEntryRankInfo? The currently selected (preview) entry; if no entry is learned, regular nodes have an entry with rank 0, choice nodes have nil; the rank matches activeRank
nextEntry TraitEntryRankInfo? The next entry when spending a point; nil for choice nodes, or if maxed
maxRanks number Maximum ranks for a node, also applies to choice nodes
type Enum.TraitNodeType The type of node, has implications for how the API interacts with the node, and how the UI displays and interacts with the node
visibleEdges TraitOutEdgeInfo[] Outgoing connections for a node, filtered to only return edges with a visible target node - the UI displays these as arrows pointing towards other nodes
meetsEdgeRequirements boolean True if incoming edge requirements are met (see Enum.TraitEdgeType), or if there are no incoming edges (i.e. the initial nodes in a tree), false otherwise - the UI uses this to disable the node button
groupIDs number[] TraitNodeGroups are not generally exposed through the API, but they relate to how Gates work, TraitCurrency costs, TraitConditions, and possibly more
conditionIDs number[] Can be used for C_Traits.GetConditionInfo conditions can grant ranks, limit visibility to specs, set Gate requirements, and more
isCascadeRepurchasable boolean If true, you can shift-click to purchase back nodes that you previously had selected, but were deselected because you unlearned something higher up in the tree
cascadeRepurchaseEntryID number?
Field Type Description
entryID number As used in C_Traits.GetEntryInfo
rank number May be 0 for single choice nodes
Value Field Description
0 Single The most common type, includes multi-rank traits and single-rank traits
1 Tiered Unsure where this is used, but seems to result in the node and nodeEntry costs being combined in some way
2 Selection Applies to all choice nodes, where you can select between multiple (generally 2) options
Field Type Description
targetNode number The target nodeID
type Enum.TraitEdgeType Has implications on how meetsEdgeRequirements is calculated
visualStyle Enum.TraitEdgeVisualStyle Defines how the UI displays the edge
isActive boolean Active edges generally have a different visual, and meetsEdgeRequirements is calculated based on active incoming edges
Value Field Description
0 VisualOnly Simply results in a visual connection, has no impact on edge requirements
1 DeprecatedRankConnection Presumably deprecated, and can be ignored
2 SufficientForAvailability If any incoming edge of this type is active, all edges of this type pass the edge requirements
3 RequiredForAvailability All incoming edges of this type must be active to pass the edge requirements
4 MutuallyExclusive No edges of this type currently exist, but the UI does show a different visual effect - presumably, only 1 incoming edge if this type is allowed to be active, to pass the edge requirements
5 DeprecatedSelectionOption Presumably deprecated, and can be ignored
Value Field Description
0 None No edges of this type exist, presumably, they would not display in the UI
1 Straight A simple straight arrow between nodes