Assign a texture for the brief animation after a cooldown finishes.

Cooldown:SetBlingTexture(file or fileDataID [, r, g, b, a])


string - See Texture:SetTexture(); however, set to an empty string "" for creating a solid color texture.
number - Alternative using fileID.
r, g, b, a 
number - Triggered by passing an empty string to create a solid color texture like Texture:SetColorTexture()


Cooldown star4.png
Bling texture used by the default UI
  • Unlike Cooldown:SetSwipeColor(), there is no equivalent SetBlingColor() to control how the bling is tinted when a texture is used.
  • The bling texture is not parented by either the cooldown nor the cooldown's parent. Consequently, it ignores effective alpha and can appear even when the cooldown would ordinarily be transparent.

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