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Performs an emote.

restricted = DoEmote(token [, unit, hold])


string : EmoteToken - The emote to perform.
string? : UnitId - Who the emote will be performed on. Defaults to the current target.
boolean? - Supposedly holds the emote animation until canceled, like for the /read emote.


boolean - If an emote is restricted this tells the UI to show it as an unrecognized chat command.[1] For example DoEmote("FORTHEHORDE") while being alliance.


  • The list of emotes is in ChatFrame.lua and GlobalStrings.lua
  • Does not require a hardware event. There is a ~0.25 second server-side throttle on performing an emote, since somewhere in 2011 when it was abused.
  • Quirk: UnitIDs like "target" do not appear to work on NPCs, but it works while omitting the param.


Similar to /hello, if you are targeting something "You greet %s with a hearty hello!", otherwise "You greet everyone with a hearty hello!"


To ensure an emote is not aimed at a target.

DoEmote("HELLO", "none")


List of emote tokens in EmotesText.db2 and EmotesTextData.db2

Note: This list is up to date as of PTR Patch 10.1.7 (50587) Jul 23 2023
Token Slash Command Anim Voice No Target Text Targeted Text Patch
AGREE /agree You agree. You agree with %s.
AMAZE /amaze You are amazed! You are amazed by %s!
ANGRY /angry /mad ✔️ You raise your fist in anger. You raise your fist in anger at %s.
APOLOGIZE /apologize /sorry ✔️ You apologize to everyone. Sorry! You apologize to %s. Sorry!
APPLAUD /applaud /bravo /applause ✔️ ✔️ You applaud. Bravo! You applaud at %s. Bravo!
BASHFUL /bashful ✔️ You are bashful. You are so bashful...too bashful to get %s's attention.
BECKON /beckon You beckon everyone over to you. You beckon %s over.
BEG /beg ✔️ ✔️ You beg everyone around you. How pathetic. You beg %s. How pathetic.
BITE /bite You look around for someone to bite. You bite %s. Ouch!
BLEED /bleed /blood Blood oozes from your wounds.
BLINK /blink You blink your eyes. You blink at %s.
BLUSH /blush ✔️ You blush. You blush at %s.
BONK /bonk /doh You bonk yourself on the noggin. Doh! You bonk %s on the noggin. Doh!
BORED /bored ✔️ You are overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery! You are terribly bored with %s.
BOUNCE /bounce You bounce up and down. You bounce up and down in front of %s.
BRB /brb You let everyone know you'll be right back. You let %s know you'll be right back.
BOW /bow ✔️ You bow down graciously. You bow before %s.
BURP /burp /belch You let out a loud belch. You let out a loud belch.
BYE /bye /goodbye /farewell ✔️ ✔️ You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell! You wave goodbye to %s. Farewell!
CACKLE /cackle ✔️ ✔️ You cackle maniacally at the situation. You cackle maniacally at %s.
CHEER /cheer /woot ✔️ ✔️ You cheer! You cheer at %s.
CHICKEN /chicken /flap /strut ✔️ ✔️ With arms flapping, you strut around. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken! With arms flapping, you strut around %s. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!
CHUCKLE /chuckle ✔️ ✔️ You let out a hearty chuckle. You chuckle at %s.
CLAP /clap ✔️ You clap excitedly. You clap excitedly for %s.
CONFUSED /confused ✔️ You are hopelessly confused. You look at %s with a confused look.
CONGRATULATE /congratulate /congrats /cong /grats ✔️ ✔️ You congratulate everyone around you. You congratulate %s.
COUGH /cough You let out a hacking cough. You let out a hacking cough.
COWER /cower /fear ✔️ You cower in fear. You cower in fear at the sight of %s.
CRACK /crack /knuckles You crack your knuckles. You crack your knuckles while staring at %s.
CRINGE /cringe You cringe in fear. You cringe away from %s.
CRY /cry /sob /weep ✔️ ✔️ You cry. You cry on %s's shoulder.
CURIOUS /curious ✔️ You express your curiosity to those around you. You are curious what %s is up to.
CURTSEY /curtsey ✔️ You curtsey. You curtsey before %s.
DANCE /dance ✔️ You burst into dance. You dance with %s.
DRINK /drink /shindig ✔️ ✔️ You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers! You raise a drink to %s. Cheers!
DROOL /drool A tendril of drool runs down your lip. A tendril of drool runs down your lip.
EAT /eat /chew /feast ✔️ ✔️ You begin to eat. You begin to eat in front of %s.
EYE /eye You cross your eyes. You eye %s up and down.
FART /fart You fart loudly. Whew...what stinks? You fart loudly. Whew...what stinks?
FIDGET /fidget /impatient You fidget. You fidget impatiently while waiting for %s.
FLEX /flex /strong ✔️ You flex your muscles. Oooooh so strong! You flex at %s. Oooooh so strong!
FROWN /frown /disappointed /disappointment You frown. You frown with disappointment at %s.
GASP /gasp ✔️ You gasp. You gasp at %s.
GAZE /gaze You gaze off into the distance. You gaze longingly at %s.
GIGGLE /giggle ✔️ ✔️ You giggle. You giggle at %s.
GLARE /glare You glare angrily. You glare angrily at %s.
GLOAT /gloat ✔️ ✔️ You gloat over everyone's misfortune. You gloat over %s's misfortune.
GREET /greet /greetings ✔️ You greet everyone warmly. You greet %s warmly.
GRIN /grin /wicked /wickedly You grin wickedly. You grin wickedly at %s.
GROAN /groan You begin to groan in pain. You look at %s and groan in pain.
GROVEL /grovel /peon ✔️ You grovel on the ground, wallowing in subservience. You grovel before %s like a subservient peon.
GUFFAW /guffaw ✔️ ✔️ You let out a boisterous guffaw! You take one look at %s and let out a guffaw!
HAIL /hail ✔️ You hail those around you. You hail %s.
HAPPY /happy /glad /yay You are filled with happiness! You are very happy with %s!
HELLO /hello /hi ✔️ ✔️ You greet everyone with a hearty hello! You greet %s with a hearty hello!
HUG /hug You need a hug! You hug %s.
HUNGRY /hungry /food /pizza You are hungry! You are hungry. Maybe %s has some food...
KISS /kiss /blow ✔️ ✔️ You blow a kiss into the wind. You blow a kiss to %s.
KNEEL /kneel ✔️ You kneel down. You kneel before %s.
LAUGH /laugh /lol ✔️ ✔️ You laugh. You laugh at %s.
LAYDOWN /laydown /liedown /lay /lie ✔️ You lie down. You lie down before %s.
MASSAGE /massage You need a massage! You massage %s's shoulders.
❌ MOAN /moan
MOON /moon You drop your trousers and moon everyone. You drop your trousers and moon everyone.
MOURN /mourn ✔️ ✔️ In quiet contemplation, you mourn the loss of the dead. In quiet contemplation, you mourn the death of %s.
NO /no ✔️ ✔️ You clearly state, NO. You tell %s NO. Not going to happen.
NOD /nod /yes ✔️ ✔️ You nod. You nod at %s.
NOSEPICK /nosepick /pick With a finger deep in one nostril, you pass the time. You pick your nose and show it to %s.
PANIC /panic You run around in a frenzied state of panic. You take one look at %s and panic.
PEER /peer You peer around, searchingly. You peer at %s searchingly.
PLEAD /plead ✔️ You drop to your knees and plead in desperation. You plead with %s.
POINT /point ✔️ You point over yonder. You point at %s.
POKE /poke You poke your belly and giggle. You poke %s. Hey!
PRAY /pray ✔️ You pray to the Gods. You say a prayer for %s.
ROAR /roar /rawr ✔️ ✔️ You roar with bestial vigor. So fierce! You roar with bestial vigor at %s. So fierce!
ROFL /rofl ✔️ ✔️ You roll on the floor laughing. You roll on the floor laughing at %s.
RUDE /rude ✔️ ✔️ You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at %s.
SALUTE /salute ✔️ You stand at attention and salute. You salute %s with respect.
SCRATCH /scratch /cat /catty You scratch yourself. Ah, much better! You scratch %s. How catty!
SEXY /sexy You're too sexy for your sexy it hurts. You think %s is a sexy devil.
❌ SHAKE /shake /rear
SHOUT /shout /holler ✔️ You shout. You shout at %s.
SHRUG /shrug ✔️ You shrug. Who knows? You shrug at %s. Who knows?
SHY /shy ✔️ You smile shyly. You smile shyly at %s.
SIGH /sigh ✔️ You let out a long, drawn-out sigh. You sigh at %s.
SIT /sit ✔️
SLEEP /sleep ✔️ You fall asleep. Zzzzzzz.
SNARL /snarl You bare your teeth and snarl. You bare your teeth and snarl at %s.
SPIT /spit You spit on the ground.
STARE /stare You stare off into the distance. You stare %s down.
SURPRISED /surprised You are so surprised! You are surprised by %s's actions.
SURRENDER /surrender ✔️ You surrender to your opponents. You surrender before %s. Such is the agony of defeat...
TALK /talk ✔️ You talk to yourself since no one else seems interested. You want to talk things over with %s.
TALKEX /talkex /excited ✔️ You talk excitedly with everyone. You talk excitedly with %s.
TALKQ /talkq /question ✔️ You want to know the meaning of life. You question %s.
TAP /tap You tap your foot. Hurry up already! You tap your foot as you wait for %s.
THANK /thank /thanks /ty ✔️ ✔️ You thank everyone around you. You thank %s.
THREATEN /threaten /doom /threat /wrath ✔️ You threaten everyone with the wrath of doom. You threaten %s with the wrath of doom.
TIRED /tired You let everyone know that you are tired. You let %s know that you are tired.
VICTORY /victory ✔️ You bask in the glory of victory. You bask in the glory of victory with %s.
WAVE /wave ✔️ You wave. You wave at %s.
WELCOME /welcome ✔️ ✔️ You welcome everyone. You welcome %s.
WHINE /whine You whine pathetically. You whine pathetically at %s.
WHISTLE /whistle ✔️ You let forth a sharp whistle. You let forth a sharp whistle.
WORK /work You begin to work. You work with %s.
YAWN /yawn ✔️ You yawn sleepily. You yawn sleepily at %s.
BOGGLE /boggle ✔️ You boggle at the situation. You boggle at %s.
CALM /calm You remain calm. You try to calm %s down.
COLD /cold You let everyone know that you are cold. You let %s know that you are cold.
COMFORT /comfort You need to be comforted. You comfort %s.
CUDDLE /cuddle /spoon You need to be cuddled. You cuddle up against %s.
DUCK /duck You duck for cover. You duck behind %s.
INSULT /insult ✔️ You think everyone around you is a son of a motherless ogre. You think %s is the son of a motherless ogre.
INTRODUCE /introduce You introduce yourself to everyone. You introduce yourself to %s.
JK /jk You were just kidding! You let %s know that you were just kidding!
LICK /lick You lick your lips. You lick %s.
LISTEN /listen You are listening! You listen intently to %s.
LOST /lost ✔️ You are hopelessly lost. You want %s to know that you are hopelessly lost.
MOCK /mock You mock life and all it stands for. You mock the foolishness of %s.
PONDER /ponder ✔️ You ponder the situation. You ponder %s's actions.
POUNCE /pounce You pounce out from the shadows. You pounce towards %s.
PRAISE /praise /lavish You praise the Light. You lavish praise upon %s.
PURR /purr You purr like a kitten. You purr at %s.
PUZZLE /puzzled ✔️ You are puzzled. What's going on here? You are puzzled by %s.
RAISE /raise /volunteer You raise your hand in the air. You look at %s and raise your hand.
READY /ready /rdy You let everyone know that you are ready! You let %s know that you are ready!
SHIMMY /shimmy You shimmy before the masses. You shimmy before %s.
SHIVER /shiver You shiver in your boots. Chilling! You shiver beside %s. Chilling!
SHOO /shoo /pest You shoo the measly pests away. You shoo %s away. Be gone pest!
SLAP /slap You slap yourself across the face. Ouch! You slap %s across the face. Ouch!
SMIRK /smirk A sly smirk spreads across your face. You smirk slyly at %s.
SNIFF /sniff ✔️ You sniff the air around you. You sniff %s.
SNUB /snub You snub all of the lowly peons around you. You snub %s.
SOOTHE /soothe You need to be soothed. You soothe %s. There, there...things will be ok.
❌ STINK /stink /smell
TAUNT /taunt ✔️ ✔️ You taunt everyone around you. Bring it fools! You make a taunting gesture at %s. Bring it!
TEASE /tease You are such a tease. You tease %s.
THIRSTY /thirsty You are so thirsty. Can anyone spare a drink? You let %s know you are thirsty. Spare a drink?
VETO /veto You veto the motion on the floor. You veto %s's motion.
SNICKER /snicker You quietly snicker to yourself. You snicker at %s.
STAND /stand ✔️
TICKLE /tickle You want to be tickled. Hee hee! You tickle %s. Hee hee!
VIOLIN /violin ✔️ ✔️ You begin to play the world's smallest violin. You play the world's smallest violin for %s.
SMILE /smile You smile. You smile at %s.
RASP /rasp ✔️ ✔️ You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at %s. 0.5.5
PITY /pity You pity those around you. You look down upon %s with pity. 0.5.5
GROWL /growl ✔️ You growl menacingly. You growl menacingly at %s. 0.5.5
BARK /bark You bark. Woof woof! You bark at %s. 0.5.5
SCARED /scared ✔️ You are scared! You are scared of %s. 0.5.5
FLOP /flop You flop about helplessly. You flop about helplessly around %s. 0.5.5
LOVE /love You feel the love. You love %s. 0.5.5
MOO /moo ✔️ Mooooooooooo. You moo at %s. Mooooooooooo. 0.5.5
COMMEND /commend ✔️ You commend everyone on a job well done. You commend %s on a job well done. 0.7.0
TRAIN /train ✔️ ✔️ 1.0.0
HELPME /helpme ✔️ ✔️ You cry out for help! 1.1.2
INCOMING /incoming /inc ✔️ ✔️ You warn everyone of incoming enemies! You point out %s as an incoming enemy! 1.1.2
CHARGE /charge ✔️ ✔️ You start to charge. 1.1.2
FLEE /retreat /flee ✔️ ✔️ You yell for everyone to flee! You yell for %s to flee! 1.1.2
ATTACKMYTARGET /attacktarget ✔️ ✔️ You tell everyone to attack something. You tell everyone to attack %s. 1.1.2
OOM /oom ✔️ ✔️ You announce that you have low mana! 1.1.2
FOLLOW /followme ✔️ ✔️ You motion for everyone to follow. You motion for %s to follow. 1.1.2
WAIT /wait ✔️ ✔️ You ask everyone to wait. You ask %s to wait. 1.1.2
HEALME /healme ✔️ ✔️ You call out for healing! 1.1.2
OPENFIRE /openfire ✔️ ✔️ You give the order to open fire. 1.1.2
FLIRT /flirt ✔️ ✔️ You flirt. You flirt with %s. 1.1.2
JOKE /silly ✔️ ✔️ You tell a joke. You tell %s a joke. 1.1.2
GOLFCLAP /golfclap ✔️ You clap half-heartedly, clearly unimpressed. You clap for %s, clearly unimpressed. 2.0.0
WINK /wink You wink slyly. You wink slyly at %s. 2.0.0
PAT /pat You need a pat. You gently pat %s. 2.0.0
SERIOUS You think this is serious business. You think %s is serious. 2.0.0
MOUNTSPECIAL /mountspecial ✔️ 2.0.0
GOODLUCK You wish for some good luck. You wish %s good luck. 2.4.3
BLAME /blame ✔️ You blame yourself for what happened. You blame %s for everything. 2.4.3
BLANK /blank You stare blankly at your surroundings. You stare blankly at %s. 2.4.3
BRANDISH /brandish You brandish your weapon fiercely. You brandish your weapon fiercely at %s. 2.4.3
BREATH /breath You take a deep breath. You tell %s to take a deep breath. 2.4.3
DISAGREE /disagree ✔️ You disagree. You disagree with %s. 2.4.3
DOUBT /doubt ✔️ You doubt the situation will end in your favor. You doubt %s. 2.4.3
EMBARRASS /embarrass You flush with embarrassment. You are embarrassed by %s. 2.4.3
ENCOURAGE /encourage You encourage everyone around you. You encourage %s. 2.4.3
ENEMY /enemy You warn everyone that an enemy is near. You warn %s that an enemy is near. 2.4.3
EYEBROW /eyebrow /brow You raise your eyebrow inquisitively. You raise your eyebrow inquisitively at %s. 2.4.3
TOAST ✔️ You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers! You raise a drink to %s. Cheers! 2.4.3
FAIL ✔️ You have failed. You think %s has failed. 3.0.1
HIGHFIVE /highfive You put up your hand for a high five. You give %s a high five! 3.0.1
ABSENT /absent You look absent-minded. You look at %s absently. 3.0.1
ARM /arm You stretch your arms out. You put your arm around %s's shoulder. 3.0.1
AWE /awe You look around in awe. You stare at %s in awe. 3.0.1
BACKPACK /backpack /pack You dig through your backpack. 3.0.1
BADFEELING /badfeeling /bad You have a bad feeling about this... You have a bad feeling about %s. 3.0.1
CHALLENGE /challenge You put out a challenge to everyone. Bring it on! You challenge %s to a duel. 3.0.1
CHUG /chug You take a mighty quaff of your beverage. You encourage %s to chug. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! 3.0.1
DING /ding You reached a new level. DING! You congratulate %s on a new level. DING! 3.0.1
FACEPALM /facepalm /palm You cover your face with your palm. You look at %s and cover your face with your palm. 3.0.1
FAINT /faint You faint. You faint at the sight of %s. 3.0.1
GO /go You tell everyone to go. You tell %s to go. 3.0.1
GOING /going You must be going. You tell %s that you must be going. 3.0.1
GLOWER /glower You glower at averyone around you. You glower at %s. 3.0.1
HEADACHE /headache You are getting a headache. You are getting a headache from %s's antics. 3.0.1
HICCUP /hiccup You hiccup loudly. 3.0.1
HISS /hiss You hiss at everyone around you. You hiss at %s. 3.0.1
HOLDHAND /holdhand You wish someone would hold your hand. You hold %s's hand. 3.0.1
HURRY /hurry You try to pick up the pace. You tell %s to hurry up. 3.0.1
IDEA /idea You have an idea! 3.0.1
JEALOUS /jealous You are jealous of everyone around you. You are jealous of %s. 3.0.1
LUCK /luck You wish everyone good luck. You wish %s the best of luck. 3.0.1
MAP /map You pull out your map. 3.0.1
MERCY /mercy ✔️ You plead for mercy. You plead with %s for mercy. 3.0.1
MUTTER /mutter You mutter angrily to yourself. Hmmmph! You mutter angrily at %s. Hmmmph! 3.0.1
NERVOUS /nervous You look around nervously. You look at %s nervously. 3.0.1
OFFER /offer You want to make an offer. You attempt to make %s an offer they can't refuse. 3.0.1
PET /pet You need to be petted. You pet %s. 3.0.1
PINCH /pinch You pinch yourself. You pinch %s. 3.0.1
PROUD /proud You are proud of yourself. You are proud of %s. 3.0.1
PROMISE /promise You make %s a promise. 3.0.1
PULSE /pulse You check your own pulse. You check %s for a pulse. Oh no! 3.0.1
PUNCH /punch You punch yourself. You punch %s's shoulder. 3.0.1
POUT /pout You pout at everyone around you. You pout at %s. 3.0.1
REGRET /regret You are filled with regret. You think that %s will regret it. 3.0.1
REVENGE /revenge You vow you will have your revenge. You vow revenge on %s. 3.0.1
ROLLEYES /rolleyes /eyeroll You roll your eyes. You roll your eyes at %s. 3.0.1
RUFFLE /ruffle You ruffle your hair. You ruffle %s's hair. 3.0.1
SAD /sad You hang your head dejectedly. 3.0.1
SCOFF /scoff You scoff. You scoff at %s. 3.0.1
SCOLD /scold You scold yourself. You scold %s. 3.0.1
SCOWL /scowl You scowl. You scowl at %s. 3.0.1
SEARCH /search You search for something. You search %s for something. 3.0.1
SHAKEFIST /shakefist /fist You shake your fist. You shake your fist at %s. 3.0.1
SHIFTY /shifty Your eyes shift back and forth suspiciously. You give %s a shifty look. 3.0.1
SHUDDER /shudder You shudder. You shudder at the sight of %s. 3.0.1
SIGNAL /signal You give the signal. You give %s the signal. 3.0.1
SILENCE /silence /shush You tell everyone to be quiet. Shhh! You tell %s to be quiet. Shhh! 3.0.1
SING /sing ✔️ You burst into song. You serenade %s with a song. 3.0.1
SMACK /smack You smack your forehead. You smack %s upside the head. 3.0.1
SNEAK /sneak You try to sneak away. You try to sneak away from %s. 3.0.1
SNEEZE /sneeze You sneeze. Achoo! You sneeze on %s. Achoo! 3.0.1
SNORT /snort You snort. You snort derisively at %s. 3.0.1
SQUEAL /squeal You squeal like a pig. You squeal at %s. 3.0.1
STOPATTACK You tell everyone to stop attacking. You tell %s to stop attacking. 3.0.1
SUSPICIOUS /suspicious You narrow your eyes in suspicion. You are suspicious of %s. 3.0.1
THINK /think You are lost in thought. You think about %s. 3.0.1
TRUCE /truce You offer a truce. You offer %s a truce. 3.0.1
TWIDDLE /twiddle You twiddle your thumbs. 3.0.1
WARN /warn You warn everyone. You warn %s. 3.0.1
SNAP /snap You snap your fingers. You snap your fingers at %s. 3.0.1
CHARM /charm You put on the charm. You think %s is charming. 3.0.1
COVEREARS /coverears You cover your ears. You cover %s's ears. 3.0.1
CROSSARMS /crossarms You cross your arms. You cross your arms at %s. Hmph! 3.0.1
LOOK /look You look around. You look at %s. 3.0.1
OBJECT /object /objection /holdit ✔️ You OBJECT! You object to %s. 3.0.1
SWEAT /sweat You are sweating. You sweat at the sight of %s. 3.0.1
YW /yw ✔️ ✔️ You were happy to help. You were happy to help %s. 3.3.5
READ /read ✔️ 4.x
BOOT ✔️ 6.0.1
FORTHEALLIANCE /forthealliance ✔️ ✔️ You cheer for the Alliance! You cheer for the Alliance! 6.x / 7.x
FORTHEHORDE /forthehorde ✔️ ✔️ You cheer for the Horde! You cheer for the Horde! 6.x / 7.x
WHOA /whoa ✔️ ✔️ You are blown away. You are blown away by %s. 6.x / 7.x
OOPS /oops ✔️ ✔️ You made a mistake. You made a mistake. 6.x / 7.x
ALLIANCE ✔️ ✔️ You cheer for the Alliance! 6.x / 7.x
HORDE ✔️ ✔️ You cheer for the Horde! 6.x / 7.x
MEOW /meow You meow. You meow at %s. 8.0.1
BOOP /boop ✔️ You boop your own nose. Boop! You boop %s's nose. 8.0.1
WINCE /wince You wince sympathetically. You wince sympathetically at %s. That looked like it hurt! 9.1.5
HUZZAH /huzzah ✔️ You cheer boisterously! Huzzah! You cheer boisterously for %s! Huzzah! 9.1.5
IMPRESSED /impressed ✔️ You clap vigorously, clearly impressed. You clap vigorously for %s, clearly impressed. 9.1.5
MAGNIFICENT /magnificent ✔️ You nod approvingly. Magnificent job! You nod approvingly at %s. Magnificent job! 9.1.5
QUACK /quack ✔️ You pretend to be a duck. Quack! You quack at %s. Quack! 10.0.2

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