Displays the frame stack of the mouse cursor's current position on the tooltip. This is not intended to be used in typical addons, but is part of the Blizzard_DebugTools "builtin addon" inspired by DevTools.

GameTooltip:SetFrameStack([showHidden, showRegion, highlightIndexChanged])


boolean - If true, includes in the display those frames which are currently hidden. Defaults to false.
boolean - If true, includes frame regions. Defaults to false.
number - Which direction and by how much the index arrow should jump, e.g. -1, 1, 2, 3. Defaults to 0.


Sets the GameTooltip to show mouseover frame stack information, includes hidden frames and frame regions and moves the index arrow downwards by 1.

GameTooltip:SetFrameStack(true, true, 1)


The frame listing on a tooltip after this function is called are arranged by frame strata and level. Within that list, the frames are colored:

  • Yellow/Orange : frame for which IsMouseEnabled is true
  • Blue/Teal : frame for which IsMouseEnabled is false
  • DarkGrey/LightGrey : frame that is hidden (when showhidden is true)

In each of those pairs, the colors alternate based on the frame level. For example, in a series of four frames all with the mouse enabled and within the same frame level the colors will alternate like this:

  • 4 Orange
  • 3 Yellow
  • 2 Orange
  • 1 Yellow

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