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Returns the WorldMapAreaID of the currently displayed area map, and whether quest objectives should be shown.

mapID, isContinent = GetCurrentMapAreaID()


number - WorldMapAreaID of the currently displayed area map
boolean - from FrameXML's QuestMapFrame.lua, it is false for for any zone map, and true for Cosmic, Azeroth, and Maelstrom maps. Presumably used to determine if quest objectives should be shown or not.


  • This can be used as a locale-independent way to identify zones.
  • Since this function identifies the current map, rather than the current zone, if you want the mapID for the current zone, you should call SetMapToCurrentZone before calling this function. However, you should not do this when the map UI is visible, as the user may be intentionally viewing another zone's map, and this function will change the displayed map without any confirmation or warning.

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