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Added in 7.0.3 / 1.13.2

Returns instantly-available information about a specific item.

itemID, itemType, itemSubType, itemEquipLoc, icon, itemClassID, itemSubClassID = GetItemInfoInstant(itemID or "itemString" or "itemName" or "itemLink") 


One of the following four ways to specify which item to query:

Number - Numeric ID of the item. e.g. 30234 for  [Nordrassil Wrath-Kilt]
String - Name of an item owned by the player at some point during this play session, e.g. "Nordrassil Wrath-Kilt".
String - A fragment of the itemString for the item, e.g. "item:30234:0:0:0:0:0:0:0" or "item:30234".
String - The full itemLink.


1. itemID
Number - ID of the item.
2. itemType
String : ItemType - The localized type of the item: Armor, Weapon, Quest, Key, etc.
3. itemSubType
String : ItemType - The localized sub-type of the item: Enchanting, Cloth, Sword, etc.
4. itemEquipLoc
String : Enum.InventoryType - The type of inventory equipment location in which the item may be equipped, or "" if it can't be equipped. The string returned is also the name of a global string variable e.g. if "INVTYPE_WEAPONMAINHAND" is returned, _G["INVTYPE_WEAPONMAINHAND"] will be the localized, displayable name of the location.
5. icon
Number : FileID - The icon texture of the icon.
6. itemClassID
Number : ItemType - This is the numerical value that determines the string to display for itemType
7. itemSubClassID
Number : ItemType - This is the numerical value that determines the string to display for itemSubType


  • Though it is not documented, this function apparently returns info available directly in client files. Because of that it returns less data, but have several advantages over GetItemInfo: it always return data, when GetItemInfo can return nil for valid, but not loaded items and it never initiates requests to server, that could be subject to throttling or forced disconnection.

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