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Added in 3.3.0

Retrieves specific dungeon information, not limited by player level and all dungeons can be looked up.

name, typeID, subtypeID, minLevel, maxLevel, recLevel, minRecLevel, maxRecLevel, expansionLevel, groupID, textureFilename, difficulty, maxPlayers, description, isHoliday, bonusRepAmount, minPlayers, isTimeWalker, name2, minGearLevel = GetLFGDungeonInfo(dungeonID)


number - Numeric ID to uniquely identify each dungeon


1. name 
string - The name of the dungeon/event
2. typeID 
number - 1=TYPEID_DUNGEON or LFR, 2=raid instance, 4=outdoor area, 6=TYPEID_RANDOM_DUNGEON
3. subtypeID 
4. minLevel 
number - Earliest level permitted to walk into the instance portal
5. maxLevel 
nummber - Highest level permitted to walk into the instance portal
6. recLevel 
nummber - Recommended level to queue for this dungeon
7. minRecLevel 
number - Earliest level to queue for this dungeon
8. maxRecLevel 
number - Highest level to queue for this dungeon
9. expansionLevel 
number - Refers to GetAccountExpansionLevel() values
10. groupID 
number - Unknown
11. textureFilename 
string - For example "Interface\LFDFRAME\LFGIcon-%s.blp" where %s is the textureFilename value
12. difficulty 
number - 1 for Normal and 2 for Heroic
13. maxPlayers 
number - Maximum players allowed
14. description 
string - Usually empty for most dungeons but events contain descriptions of the event, like Love is in the Air daily or Brewfest, e.g. (string)
15. isHoliday 
boolean - If true then this is a holiday event
16. bonusRepAmount 
number - Unknown
17. minPlayers 
number - Minimum number of players (before the group disbands?); usually nil
18. isTimeWalker 
boolean - If true then it's Timewalking Dungeon
19. name2 
string - Currently unknown. Note: seems to show the alternative name used by the Instance Lockout interface, as returned by GetSavedInstanceInfo().
20. minGearLevel 
number - The minimum average item level to queue for this dungeon; may be 0 if item level is ignored.

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See also

  • GetSavedInstanceInfo - A similar function to this, except for the player's saved dungeon/raid lockout data (does not include Raid Finder)
  • GetSavedWorldBossInfo - A similar function to this, except for the player's saved world boss lockout data
  • GetRFDungeonInfo - Almost completely identical; this function uses Raid Finder indexes instead of dungeon IDs
  • GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo - A more specific function; this lets you check up on the individual encounters within a given LFG Dungeon