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GetRealmName() and GetNormalizedRealmName() return the name of the character's realm in different formats.

realmName = GetRealmName()
normalizedRealmName = GetNormalizedRealmName()


String - The name of the realm, unmodified.
String - The name of the realm, but without spaces or hyphens.


  • The normalized realm name is used for addressing whispers[1] and in-game mail.
  • GetNormalizedRealmName() may return nil at load time until PLAYER_LOGIN (i.e. found to not work during VARIABLES_LOADED upon initial login).


The following macro prints the name of your character's realm:

/run print("You are currently on realm: " .. GetRealmName())

Patch changes

This does not imply the function couldn't have existed sooner.

See also

  • UnitName - Returns a character name and the server (if different from the player's current server)


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