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Returns the information for the selected race's current archaeology artifact.

artifactName, artifactDescription, artifactRarity, artifactIcon, hoverDescription, keystoneCount, bgTexture, spellID = GetSelectedArtifactInfo()


1. artifactName
String - The name of the archaeology artifact being reconstructed.
2. artifactDescription
String - The description displayed on the artifact detail page. Only visible after completion for rare artifacts.
3. artifactRarity
Number - The rarity of the artifact, 0 for Common and 1 for Rare.
4. artifactIcon
Number (fileID) - The artifact's icon texture.
5. hoverDescription
String - The description shown in the tooltip when hovering over the completed artifact. Not visible before the artifact is completed. Not readily available on function call, see SpellMixin:ContinueOnSpellLoad.
6. keystoneCount
Number - The number of Keystone slots this artifact has.
7. bgTexture
Number (fileID) - The artifact's background texture.
8. spellID
Number - The ID of the spell cast when solving the artifact.

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