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Added in 2.0.1 / 1.13.2

Is Any Modifier Key Down

True if any modifier key is currently pressed.

anyModKeyIsDown = IsModifierKeyDown();

Is One Key Type Down

Returns whether a specific modifier key type is currently pressed down.

aShiftKeyIsDown = IsShiftKeyDown();
aAltKeyIsDown = IsAltKeyDown();
aCtrlKeyIsDown = IsControlKeyDown();

Is Specific Modifier Key Down

Returns whether a specific modifier key is currently pressed down.

theLeftShiftKeyIsDown = IsLeftShiftKeyDown();
theLeftAltKeyIsDown = IsLeftAltKeyDown();
theLeftCtrlKeyIsDown = IsLeftControlKeyDown();
theRightShiftKeyIsDown = IsRightShiftKeyDown();
theRightAltKeyIsDown = IsRightAltKeyDown();
theRightCtrlKeyIsDown = IsRightControlKeyDown();


All of the functions mentioned above return the same values:

true if specified key or keytype is currently pressed down, false otherwise.

Additional Clarification

anyModKeyIsDown = IsModifierKeyDown();

is the same as using:

anyModKeyIsDown = (IsShiftKeyDown() or IsControlKeyDown() or IsAltKeyDown());

As well as:

aShiftKeyIsDown = IsShiftKeyDown();

being the same as:

aShiftKeyIsDown = (IsRightShiftKeyDown() or IsLeftShiftKeyDown());

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  • The modifier keys are not considered to be down if the current call stack started with a binding-triggered event dispatch where the modifier key was part of the binding.