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Plays the specified sound file on loop to the "Music" sound channel.

willPlay = PlayMusic("musicfile" or fileDataID)


string - Path to a custom .ogg or .mp3 file from an addon. The file must exist prior to logging in to WoW.
or fileDataID 
number - FileDataID of the sound file.


boolean - Seems to always return true even for invalid file paths or FileDataIDs.


Plays Stormstout Brew from the Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack

-- by file path (dropped in 8.2.0)
-- by FileDataID 642878 (added support in 8.2.0)


  • If any of the built-in music is playing when you call this function (e.g. Stormwind background music), it will fade out.
  • The playback loops until it is stopped with StopMusic(), when the user interface is reloaded, or upon logout. Playing a different sound file will also cause the current song to stop playing. It cannot be paused.
  • OggVorbis (.ogg) files are supported since World of Warcraft uses the FMOD sound engine.
  • You can find a full list here:

Patch changes

A bug was introduced in Patch 7.0.3 that caused it to be non-functional.