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Added in 8.2.5

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name, icon, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime, source, isStealable,
nameplateShowPersonal, spellId, canApplyAura, isBossDebuff, castByPlayer, nameplateShowAll, timeMod, ... = UnitAuraBySlot("unit", slot)


number - aura slot from UnitAuraSlots()


see Aura Type

1. name 
string - The localized name of the aura, or nil if no aura was found at the specified index.
2. icon 
number : FileID - Icon ID for Texture:SetTexture()
3. count 
number - The amount of stacks, otherwise 0
4. debuffType 
string - The magic type of the aura.
5. duration 
number - The full duration of the aura in seconds.
6. expirationTime 
number - Time the aura expires compared to GetTime()
7. source 
string - The unit that cast the aura.
8. isStealable 
boolean - Returns true if the aura may be stolen.
9. nameplateShowPersonal 
boolean - Returns true if the aura should be shown on the player/pet/vehicle nameplate.
10. spellId 
number - The spell ID (see GetSpellInfo)
11. canApplyAura 
boolean - Returns true if the player can apply the aura
12. isBossDebuff 
boolean - Returns true if the aura was cast by a boss.
13. castByPlayer 
boolean - Returns true if the aura was applied by a player.
14. nameplateShowAll 
boolean - Returns true if the aura should be shown on nameplates.
15. timeMod 
number - The scaling factor used for displaying time left.
Variable arguments (...) 
Some auras have additional arguments, but the purpose for most are undocumented. The table below identifies one situation where the varargs have a clear purpose.
Aura Vararg Type Description 
 [Chronoboon Displacer]

WoW Icon update.png Classic

16. Fengus' Ferocity number Duration
17. Mol'dar's Moxie number Duration
18. Slip'kik's Savvy number Duration
19. Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer number Duration
20. Warchief's Blessing number Duration
21. Spirit of Zandalar number Duration
22. Songflower Serenade number Duration
23. Sayge's Fortune number spellID of the chosen buff
24. Sayge's Fortune number Duration of the chosen buff

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