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This function is implemented by FrameXML in FrameXML/RestrictedInfrastructure.lua.

Passes its arguments to the current print output handler. By default, this will output them all to the default chat frame.



Any - any number of any type of values.


print("Hello, WoW!")

prints Hello, WoW!

print("Hello", "this is a", nil, "value")

(note that "nil" is not in double quotes)

prints Hello this is a nil value

print("Hello", "this is a"..nil, "value")

Throws the error, "attempt to concatenate a nil value"

print("Hello", "this is a", {}, "value")

prints Hello this is a table: ###### value


  • This function is a securecall/forceinsecure wrapper around the current print output handler function. Instead of attempting to replace it, you can set your own output handler function using setprinthandler(func).
  • This function serves as a cleaner replacement from DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(); unlike which, it can safely be used to output nil values.


  • Added in 3.0.2 (8926)