A Bird of Legend

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NeutralA Bird of Legend
Start Hell-Hoot/Jeb Guthrie
End Jeb Guthrie
Level 53 (Requires 51)
Category Winterspring
Experience 11,400
Rewards  [Gloves of the Infernal Nocturnal] or  [Hell-Hoot Mantle] or  [Vest of the Smoking Pit] or  [Hoot-Hunter's Leggings] or  [Legend Eater Boots] and  [Hell-Hoot Barbecue]
1g 60s
Previous N [53] Screechy Keen


Slay Hell-Hoot.


Local legend tells of a mighty owl that circles the mountaintops like death on wings. They named her Deathwing.

Soon afterwards, they were told that that name was already taken. So they settled on a moniker that evoked a similar sense of horror and dread:


Hell-Hoot can be found atop the mountain to the southwest of our smoking pit. Silence the infernal nocturnal... so we can eat her!


Hell-Hoot is slain, and her meat is just as succulent as you'd expect.

Today, we eat a legend. Thank you, <name>.


You will receive: 1g 60s and  [Hell-Hoot Barbecue]

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 111v2.png [Gloves of the Infernal Nocturnal] Inv shoulder 140v2.png [Hell-Hoot Mantle]
Inv chest leather 29v1.png [Vest of the Smoking Pit] Inv pants mail 37v3.png [Hoot-Hunter's Leggings]
Inv boots mail 12v1.png [Legend Eater Boots]


Frostsaber chain:

  1. N [53] Fresh Frostsabers
  2. N [53] Pride of the Dinner Table
  3. N [53] Shy-Rotam

Owl chain:

  1. N [53] The Owls Have It
  2. N [53] Screechy Keen
  3. N [53] A Bird of Legend

Bear chain:

  1. N [53] A Taste for Bear
  2. N [53] A Little Gamy
  3. N [53] Ursius

Standalone quest: N [53] You Gotta Have Eggs.

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