A Bomb Deal

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HordeA Bomb Deal
Start Foreman Pikwik
End Foreman Pikwik
Level 49 (Requires 47)
Category Felwood
Experience 8,150 XP
Reputation +250 rep with Bilgewater Cartel
Rewards 1g 40s


Collect 8  [Irontree Explosives] from Irontree Cavern.


All my workers got driven straight out of the cavern here by those big swamp-lookin' things! Darla's sent me here to pick up the pieces, but have you seen it in there? I ain't goin' in!

There's a ton of explosives left behind that we can't just leave layin' around.

I'll make you a deal: You run in there and get those explosives gathered up, and I will stay here and not get killed by swamp-things, and if you don't either, I'll pay ya! How's that sound?


We had a deal, right? Right?


Hey, nice! I'll just take those... carefully...

Don't go tellin' the workers I didn't have the guts to go down there myself, you hear? Here's your pay... and a little somethin' extra.


You will receive: 1g 40s



  1. H [49] A Flare Fight & H [49] It's Time to Oil Up
  2. H [49] Take it to the Tree & H [49] Wisp-napping
  3. H [49] Slap and Cap & H [49] Is Your Oil Running?
  4. H [49] Pikwik in Peril
  5. H [49] Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
    • Side quest: H [49] A Bomb Deal
  6. H [49] Fire in the Hole!
  7. H [49] Timbermaw Hold (optional breadcrumb to Timbermaw Hold)

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