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A Brewing Storm
A Brewing Storm loading screen
A Brewing Storm loading screen
Location Thunderpaw Peak, Jade Forest
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Saurok Saurok
End boss Borokhula the Destroyer
Instance info
Type Scenario
Advised level 90
Minimum average
item level
425 (Normal)
496 (Heroic)
Player limit 3

A Brewing Storm is a scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The Brewmasters are trying to create a brew that can only be made during a storm.


Craft brew with lightning and save the monastery from a rampaging saurok.


Help Blanche prepare the most epic brew in the history of Pandaria!

Brewmaster Blanche’s Boomer Brew is an age-old recipe, with a secret ingredient: a thunderstorm in every mug! Brewing it isn’t easy, requiring travel to one of the highest peaks of the Jade Forest... During a raging thunderstorm. And what is it about heavy rain that always brings out the saurok? Blanche is going to need some mercenary help to brew her masterpiece, preferably some fleet-footed adventurers who know how to fight off a saurok incursion while dodging lightning strikes. When the saurok take the fight to the nearby monastery, it might just be the Boomer Brew that helps turn the tide of battle![1]

Scenario denizens[]

VZ-A Brewing Storm

A Brewing Storm

Hostile Friendly

Stage guide[]

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Stage 1: Make Boomer's Brew[]

Assist Blanche in brewing her famous Boomer's Brew.

Stage 2: Road to Thunderpaw[]

Escort Blanche down Thunderpaw Road.

Final Stage: Save Thunderpaw Refuge[]

Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer

Bonus objectives[]

Complete all Bonus Objectives to receive 50 bonus Valor.



  • During early testing, this scenario was named Lightning Lager and could only be initiated on rainy nights.


Beta testing[]

Patch changes[]


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