A Brother's Help

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NeutralA Brother's Help
Start Magni Bronzebeard
End Magni Bronzebeard
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Heart of Azeroth
Reputation +10 Champions of Azeroth
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous N [110 - 120] Infusing the Heart
Next N [50] Stubborn as a Bronzebeard


Travel to Nazmir and meet Magni outside Uldir.


Ye've done well to stem the tide of destruction that threatens Azeroth, but I fear it's not enough.

I can still hear her cryin' out in pain, and we're runnin' out o' options... and time.

Meet me in Nazmir, outside the Heart of Darkness. Together, we'll seek guidance from someone who may be able to help.

("Magni Bronzebeard: Magni seeks help to find a plan to save Azeroth. Meet him in Nazmir!")


You will receive:


Can ye please talk some sense into Brann fer me?


Travel to Nazmir, just northeast of the pyramid to find Brann and Magni. On approach:

Magni replies in a scoffing manner.
Magni Bronzebeard says: That thing could barely carry us when I wasn't made of diamond. I'll take my chances on the ground.
Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Ah come on, Magni! This ol' bird can handle the extra weight!


  1. N [120] A Brother's Help
  2. N [50] Stubborn as a Bronzebeard
  3. N [50] Necessity is the MOTHER
  4. N [50] A One-Way Ticket to the Heart

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