NeutralA Bump in the Road
Start IconSmall Tauren Male.gifNeutral Trackmaster Zherin
End IconSmall Tauren Male.gifNeutral Trackmaster Zherin
Level 33 (Requires 28)
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 270-2650 XP

A Bump in the Road is a neutral quest from the Mirage Raceway in which the player must kill several types of basilisks which populate the Shimmering Flats, since they keep interfering with the races.

How to Get This Quest

Mirage Raceway is in the center of the Shimmering Flats in eastern Thousand Needles. Talk to the tauren Trackmaster Zherin there to receive the quest.

Other Quests in This Area

There are several quests which involve killing and collecting things in the Shimmering Flats, which are much easier when done together:

Quest Name Quest Giver Subzone
N [30] Salt Flat Venom IconSmall Gnome Male.gifNeutral Fizzle Brassbolts Mirage Raceway
N [30] Load Lightening IconSmall Goblin Male.gifNeutral Pozzik Mirage Raceway
N [30] Hardened Shells IconSmall Gnome Male.gifNeutral Wizzle Brassbolts Mirage Raceway
N [31] Rocket Car Parts IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifNeutral Kravel Koalbeard Mirage Raceway


Kill 10 Saltstone Basilisks, 10 Saltstone Crystalhides and 6 Saltstone Gazers for Trackmaster Zherin on the Shimmering Flats.



These basilisks can be found all over the Shimmering Flats, but there are a few area with them concentrated.

The Saltstone Basilisks can be found primarily in the north-west quadrant of the Shimmering Flats, especially in and around Weazel's Crater.

The Saltstone Crystalhides can be found in both north and south Shimmering Flats, primarily around Weazel's Crater and the Tahonda Ruins.

The Saltstone Gazers are the highest level and can be found in south-eastern Shimmering Flats, primarily around the Tahonda Ruins.

Once you have killed the required number of basilisks, head back to Trackmaster Zherin at the Mirage Raceway at the center of the Shimmering Flats.


After the big crash with the goblins' Red Thunder racer and a basilisk, Kronkrider hired me on to take care of the track. I don't know what all the animals out on the flats are feeding on to grow so big, but we have to be careful to thin them out so they won't wander onto the track when a race is going on.

Tell you what. If you want to go out and make a little profit, go out and remove the basilisks from the area.


You will receive:

  • 35s


It's bad enough having to clear out the wreckage of the racers without having to pick them out of burnt animal parts.


I hope you didn't kill any of the basilisks on the tracks themselves! It takes a long time for the carcasses to decay in the sun, and I'd rather not have to take a shovel out to clean up.

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