HordeA Change in Direction
Start First Mate Owings
End First Mate Owings
Level 35-50
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 22,300
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous H [35-50] Spike the Punch & H [35-50] Cannonball Collection
Next H [35-50] I'm the Captain Now


Deliver the forged orders to Boatswain Taryn, Quartermaster Killian, and Navigator Swink.


Whispers of dissent have been spreading through the harbor, <name>.

You can hear the grumblings of pirates who do not want to give up their freedom!

Rumor holds that some of the other authority figures have goals that align with mine.

I forged some letters in the captain's hand. Deliver them... see who bites.

Or who gets in our way.


You will receive:

  • 46g 80s
  • 22,300 XP


Mutiny is about subversion. We must fly under the radar as long as we can!


I hoped that Taryn would see the truth. Ah, well. So it goes.


Where did you come from? Clearly you are not from around here.
Gossip Orders from the captain, sir. He has decided against siding with the Ashvanes!
Navigator Swink says: And I am to believe you, <race>? Hand it over.
Navigator Swink says: We shall not hand ourselves over to the Ashvane...
Navigator Swink says: Instead we shall... open our port to the Horde?
Navigator Swink says: I may be with the Fogsail now, but to assume I would insult my Alliance roots by siding with the Horde... how dare you!
Swink's death
Navigator Swink says: Glory... to the Alliance...
Who are you? And what exactly do you want?
Gossip Got some new orders from the captain for you, boatswain.
Boatswain Taryn says: What? Let me see that.
Boatswain Taryn says: I could recognize Owings's handwriting anywhere. I'll kill you, and then that traitor!
Taryn's death
Boatswain Taryn says: Captain! We've got a mutiny on our hands...
Mighty fine clothing you've got there, friend. Need something?
Gossip We're saying no to the Ashvane. Here are orders from the captain.
Quartermaster Killian says: Hmm... I don't believe that the captain would decide against siding with the Ashvane. He seems fairly set.
Quartermaster Killian says: Does this mean... I see.
Quartermaster Killian says: I'll go talk to Owings. I like my job, and I want to keep doing it. On my own terms.
Killian walks towards the Maiden's Lament.


  1. H [35-50] Foothold: Tiragarde Sound
  2. H [35-50] Shiver Me Timbers
  3. H [35-50] Swashbuckling in Style
  4. H [35-50] Parleyin' Wit Pirates
  5. H [35-50] Spike the Punch & H [35-50] Cannonball Collection
  6. H [35-50] Thar She Blows! & H [35-50] A Change in Direction
  7. H [35-50] I'm the Captain Now
  8. H [35-50] Marking Our Territory
  9. H [35-50] Champion: Shadow Hunter Ty'jin
  10. H [35-50] Return to Zuldazar

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