A Curious Bloom

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HordeA Curious Bloom
Start Lane Tallgrass
End Naralex
Level 31 (Requires 29)
Category Southern Barrens
Experience 2,540 XP
Reputation +250 rep with Cenarion Circle
Rewards 30s
Previous H [31] When Plants Attack


Gather ten Unusual Flower Buds from Budding Flowers in the Overgrowth.


The great archdruid Naralex recently appeared here in the Barrens. He's either behind this mess or trying to fix it. Either way, you should talk with him before this jungle engulfs the whole world! He's in a small tauren camp to the southeast.

Along the way, it would be helpful for you to gather plant samples for him to study. The newest flower buds will tell him a great deal about the most recent changes in the jungle.


I am extremely busy, <class>.


Ah, samples from different parts of the overgrowth? These will be immensely helpful, yes. Thank you, <class>.


You will receive:30s


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