A Debilitating Sickness

Horde 32.pngA Debilitating Sickness
Start Earthcaller Ryga
End Earthcaller Ryga
Level 63 (Requires 60)
Category Hellfire Peninsula
Experience 10400
Reputation Mag'har +500
Next Administering the Salve

A Debilitating Sickness sends the adventurer, now a friend of the Mag'har, to search for an exotic medicine component.


Earthcaller Ryga at Mag'har Post in [[Hellfire Peninsula] wants you to bring her 1 Inv mushroom 09.png [Drycap Mushroom] from a cave inside the Great Fissure.

You will need:


It is good that you've offered to aid us, <name>. Our grunts have fallen sick from drinking contaminated water and I'm missing an ingredient to produce a healing salve. I'm in need of a rare mushroom called drycap.

Our foremost orders are to keep our location secret and not risk being spotted while looking for it, or I would go myself. The only place in Hellfire Peninsula where drycap grows is a cave at the Great Fissure, south of here.

Be extremely careful if you choose to seek it.


  • This quest is only available after you complete the initial questline for the Mag'har. The first quest in that chain is Template:Questlong which starts with Nazgrel in Thrallmar. The final quest is Template:Questlong which ends with Gorkan Bloodfist at the Mag'har Post.
  • The cave you are looking for is in the Great Fissure, east of Falcon Watch. You can see the cave shown on the map at 34,64. The mushrooms are inside the cave and herbalist will be able to see them on their minimap.

Quest progression

  • Template:Questlong
    • Template:Questlong
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