AllianceA Decisive Strike
Start Captain Rugelfuss [23.4, 75.0]
End Captain Rugelfuss [23.4, 75.0]
Level 5-30
Category Loch Modan
Experience 1,100
Reputation +350 Ironforge
Rewards  [Rugelfuss Bracers]
or  [Belt of the Valley of Kings]
or  [Unbound Leggings]
or  [Waistguard of the Valley of Kings]
11s 30c
Previous A [5-30] In Defense of the King's Lands
Next A [5-30] Onward to Thelsamar


Kill him!

Kill Grawmug.


It appears that these beasts in Loch Modan are following the lead of a chieftain named Grawmug. He's the biggest of all the troggs here, lurking deep within the darkness of the caves to the north.

If you feel yourself worthy, <name>, I want you to lead the assassination mission on Grawmug.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 27b.png [Rugelfuss Bracers] Inv belt 02.png [Belt of the Valley of Kings]
Inv pants 01.png [Unbound Leggings] Inv belt 02.png [Waistguard of the Valley of Kings]

You will also receive:


Your mission is not complete until Grawmug and his two guards have been brought to death. Khaz Modan is counting on you, <name>.


Most excellent, <name>! You have brought hope to Loch Modan. With Grawmug dead, we stand a better chance of seeing the Troggs eliminated from the land.


Pick up A [5-30] Bigger and Uglier before heading out. Back to the northeast, take the first right, then bear left and enter the cave. Clear a path to the bottom to find Grawmug at [34.3, 61.2] on top of the platform in the center of the last room. Circle around counterclockwise to get to him. There's a hole leading back toward the entrance near Grawmug, so take it to keep the excess killing to a minimum.


Optional breadcrumbs: A [5-30] Reinforcements for Loch Modan or A [5-30] Hero's Call: Loch Modan!

South Gate Pass

  1. A [5-30] The Lost Pilot
  2. A [5-30] A Pilot's Revenge
  3. A [5-30] South Gate Status Report

Valley of Kings and Thelsamar

  1. A [5-30] In Defense of the King's Lands
  2. A [5-30] A Decisive Strike
  3. A [5-30] Onward to Thelsamar

Main chain

  1. A [5-30] Stormpike's Orders (optional breadcrumb)
  2. A [5-30] A Tiny, Clever Commander
  3. A [5-30] Kobold and Kobolder
  4. A [5-30] Who's In Charge Here?
  5. A [5-30] The Bearer of Gnoll-edge
  6. A [5-30] Suddenly, Murlocs!
  7. A [5-30] Smells Like A Plan
  8. A [5-30] Axis of Awful
  9. A [5-30] Resupplying the Excavation
  10. A [5-30] Protecting the Shipment
  11. A [5-30] Keep Your Hands Off The Goods!
  12. A [5-30] Joining the Hunt, A [5-30] Find Bingles (optional)
  13. A [5-30] Wing Nut
  14. A [5-30] Bird is the Word
  15. A [5-30] Skystrider's Heart
  16. A [5-30] He's That Age
  17. A [5-30] Standing Up
  18. A [5-30] Fight the Hammer
  19. A [5-30] Servants of Cho'gall
  20. A [5-30] Gor'kresh
  21. A [5-30] Ando's Call
  22. A [5-30] The Winds of Loch Modan

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