NeutralA Demonic Presence
Start Archmage Alturus
End Archmage Alturus
Level 70 (Requires 68)
Type Raid
Category Karazhan
Experience 12,650
Reputation +250 The Violet Eye
Rewards 4g 40s
Previous N [70R] Keanna's Log
Next N [70R] The New Directive


Archmage Alturus wants you to destroy the Demonic Presence at the top of Karazhan.

  • Demonic Presence Destroyed


Keanna's last few entries confirm our suspicion of a demonic presence atop Karazhan.

She detected the arrival of a Burning Legion agent whose location she described as coming from the top of the tower.

Her entries stop there.

Karazhan is a very important place, <class>. It is a portal into the nether, a beacon shining into other worlds. The possible repercussions of it falling into the wrong hands are unthinkable. The demonic intrusion must be stopped. And you, <name>, are the only one with the key.



You did it! Yes, the readings are becoming normal once again!

We must give this news to Cedric. He's going to be very impressed with your achievement.


The player must fight their way to the top of Karazhan and defeat the final boss, Prince Malchezaar.


  1. N [70] Archmage Alturus
  2. N [70] The Contact from Dalaran
  3. N [70] Khadgar
  4. N [70D] Entry Into Karazhan
  5. N [70D] The Second and Third Fragments
  6. N [70D] The Master's Touch
  7. N [70] Return to Khadgar
  8. N [70] The Violet Eye
  9. N [70R] Assessing the Situation
  10. N [70R] Keanna's Log
  11. N [70R] A Demonic Presence
  12. N [70R] The New Directive

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