A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
Location Felwood

Illidan victory

  Night elves

Burning Legion

Commanders and leaders

Night elves


Burning Legion

Casualties and losses

Night elves

  • Moderate

Burning Legion

  • Very heavy
Previous Brothers in Blood

The Last Guardian

Twilight of the Gods
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow is Chapter 6 of the night elf campaign, Eternity's End.

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The following evening, deep in the corrupted forests of Felwood...


A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow Map.jpg

The battle

Freed from the barrow deeps, Illidan journeyed into Felwood alone to brood, furious that his own brother believed him to be evil. While ranting that he was determined to prove his brother wrong, that he was free of the demons and powerful, a cold voice sneered at him. Illidan turned to face his taunter, and found himself facing a mysterious human clad in ornate armour and armed with a deadly runeblade. Illidan challenged the warrior to face him and they charged into battle. After an evenly matched duel, Illidan asked the human what he truly desired. Arthas explained that the leader of the undead in Felwood was the dreadlord, Tichondrius. The dreadlord possessed an artifact known as the Skull of Gul'dan, which was responsible for the corruption of the forests. Illidan surmised that Arthas wanted him to steal the artifact, which Arthas justified as serving a master who would benefit from the Legion's downfall. Illidan asked why he should believe a word of this, to which Arthas replied that his master knew of Illidan's hunger for power and that now so much was almost in his grasp. Tempted, Illidan agreed, and Arthas departed to return to Lordaeron.

Assembling an army of loyal elves, Illidan fell upon the demons guarding the skull and slaughtered them all. With the skull in his possession, the demons could no longer corrupt the forest, but Illidan surmised if he were to claim the skull's power for himself, he would become more powerful than any of Archimonde's lieutenants, Illidan 'consumed' the skull's power and became a monstrous beast, half night elf, half demon and imbued with terrible demonic powers. Reassembling his army, Illidan assaulted Tichondrius's compound. The dreadlord was caught offguard by this attack, and astounded when he came under attack from the demonic beast that was Illidan. Though powerful, Tichondrius was no match for Illidan's new-found powers, and he slew the dreadlord with ease.

In the aftermath of the battle, Tyrande and Furion arrived at the compound. Seeing only this monstrous creature before them, Furion demanded to know what the demon had done with his brother. When Illidan revealed his true identity, it was met with horror from Tyrande and disgust from Furion. Though Illidan justified his actions with the death of Tichondrius, robbing the undead of their leader, and assuring that the forests would heal in time, Furion was outraged that Illidan had sold his soul for such power, and told him to be gone from Ashenvale and never return. With a final sneer of "So be", Illidan departed without a backwards glance.


Main Quests

Availablequest BTNGuldanSkull.png The Skull of Gul'dan

  • Destroy the Demon Gate guarding the Skull
  • Bring Illidan to the Skull of Gul'dan

You must retrieve the Skull of Gul'dan from the Demons. It is the source of Ashenvale's corruption, and its potent Warlock energies augment Tichondrius' already considerable powers.

Availablequest BTNTichondrius.png Destroy Tichondrius

  • Destroy Tichondrius

If the Undead Scourge is to be stopped and the Demons' plans thwarted, the Dreadlord Tichondrius must die. You must use all of your burgeoning powers to destroy him once and for all.



IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: I am free after ten thousand years, yet still my own brother thinks I am a villain! I'll show him my true power! I'll show him that the demons have no hold over me!
Arthas appears atop a nearby hill.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif Arthas: Are you certain of that, demon hunter? Are you certain your will is your own?
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: You reek of death, human. You'll regret approaching me.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif Arthas: Come then. You'll find that we're evenly matched.
Illidan and Arthas begin dueling, but neither is able to wound the other.
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: We could go on fighting like this forever. What is it you truly want?
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif Arthas: The dreadlord who commands this undead army is called Tichondrius. He controls a powerful warlock artifact called the Skull of Gul'dan.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif Arthas: It is responsible for corrupting these forests.
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: And you wish for me to steal it. Why?
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif Arthas: Let's just say that I have no love for Tichondrius, and the lord I serve would... benefit from the Legion's downfall.
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: Why should I believe anything you say, little human?
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif Arthas: My master sees all, demon hunter. He knows that you've sought power your whole life. Now it lies within your grasp! Seize it, and your enemies will be undone.
Arthas departs.

During the Mission

IconSmall Satyr.gif Satyr: Come no further, weakling! Lord Tichondrius commanded us to kill anyone attempting to enter this place, and we shall!
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: That is where the Skull of Gul'dan is kept! These paltry demons will not prevent me from claiming it!
Illidan runs up to the skull.
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: Now at least the demons will no longer corrupt the forests. But, if I destroy the skull and claim its powers as my own, I will become stronger than any of Archimonde's lieutenants.
IconSmall Stormrage.gif Illidan Stormrage: Yes... the power should be mine!
Illidan destroys the skull. It transforms him into a demon.
IconSmall Demonhunter.gif Illidan Stormrage: Now I am complete!
IconSmall Nathrezim2.gif Tichondrius: What? Who are... you?
IconSmall Demonhunter.gif Illidan Stormrage: Let's see how confident you are against one of your own kind, dreadlord!
IconSmall Nathrezim2.gif Tichondrius: I'm through toying with you, night elf! Begone from my sight!


Furion and Tyrande arrive.
IconSmall Malfurion.gif Furion Stormrage: Foul demon! What have you done with my brother?
IconSmall Demonhunter.gif Illidan Stormrage: It is I, Furion. This is what I've become.
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: No! Illidan, how could you?
IconSmall Demonhunter.gif Illidan Stormrage: The leader of the undead has been destroyed, and the forests will heal in time.
IconSmall Malfurion.gif Furion Stormrage: At the cost of your soul? You are no brother of mine! Begone from this place, and never set foot in our lands again!
IconSmall Demonhunter.gif Illidan Stormrage: So be it... brother.
Illidan turns around and takes his leave.


Night elves
Burning Legion


  • If the player does enough damage to Tichondrius before getting Illidan to consume the Skull of Gul'dan, Tichondrius will say, "I grow tired of toying with you, night elf! Begone from my sight!" and all units attacking him will be teleported to the middle of the map.
  • While it is possible to kill Tichondrius before claiming the Skull of Gul'dan through the use of the invincible cheat code, doing so will not end the mission, thus forcing the player to restart the mission or upload a prior save of said mission.
  • One of the spider sacs contains some Boots of Quel'thalas +6.