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A Discreet Entrance

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VenthyrA Discreet Entrance
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Covenant Sanctum
Experience 950
Rewards 2g 57s 40c
Previous N [60] Reclaiming Thornhill Manor
Next N [60] A Meal and A Deal


Enter the Countess' chambers by using the ornate mirror.


I can assure you--this is not how we left the place. Never would we ever let the manor fall into such a state.

At least the mirror is still intact, that's what's important. You can use it to enter the Countess' private chambers discreetly and recover the medallion.

Go, quickly, before word spreads of what we've done. We'll do our best to restore the manor while you're gone.


You will receive:

  • 2g 57s 40c
  • 950 XP






  1. N [60] Medallion of Desire
  2. N [60] An Estate Within the Old Gate
  3. N [60] The Key to Rebuilding
  4. N [60] Reestablishing the Household
  5. N [60] Reclaiming Thornhill Manor
  6. N [60] A Discreet Entrance
  7. N [60] A Meal and A Deal
  8. N [60] Killing the Messenger
  9. N [60] An Invitation to Treachery
  10. N [60] "Accidental" Arson
  11. N [60] Beautiful, But Deadly
  12. N [60] Mix, Mingle, and Meddle
  13. N [60] Enacting Immediate Justice
  14. N [60] Neither Enemy nor Ally

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