A Donation of Silk (Darkspear Trolls)

Not the version you're looking for? See A Donation of Silk.
Horde 32.pngA Donation of Silk
Start Vehena
End Vehena
Level 60 (Requires 26)
Category Orgrimmar
Experience 2400 (14 Silver.png 40 Copper.png at level 70)
Reputation Darkspear Trolls +350


As with most other fabrics, our stocks of silk are at an all-time low. Our stores are such that we'd only need sixty pieces of silk from you total; we should be able to reach our goal with the support of others.

A benevolent gift such as silk, might I add, would certainly increase your local standing in the community! If you have the sixty pieces of silk cloth on you and are ready to donate them, I'm able to take them from you now.


Wonderful! We thank you for your generous donation, <name>!


  1. Horde 15.png [60] A Donation of Wool
  2. Horde 15.png [60] A Donation of Silk
  3. Horde 15.png [60] A Donation of Mageweave
  4. Horde 15.png [60] A Donation of Runecloth
  5. Horde 15.png [60] Additional Runecloth (Repeatable)

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