A Fisherman's Feast

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AllianceA Fisherman's Feast
Start Robby Flay
End Robby Flay
Level 60 (Requires 10)
Type Daily
Category Cooking
Experience 0
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Rewards +2 Cooking skill
[Epicurean's Award]
8g 60s (+0g at max level)


The objective of A Fisherman's Feast are the Barrel of Canal Fish that spawn near Stormwind Fisherman

Obtain 5 Gigantic Catfish. Deliver the fish to Robby Flay in Stormwind City.


If there is one meal I know the King likes, it's fresh catfish. Catfish are easy to prepare but hard to catch. That's where you come in! We have a good population of Gigantic Catfish here in the waters of Stormwind but the competition to catch them is intense to say the least. I need you to figure out a way to "acquire" some of these fine catfish for our King. You will find fisherman at the small canal docks around town. You should be able to figure out the rest of the plan on your own.


You will receive: 8g 60s (+0g at max level)


Were you able to steal the fish?


Thank you, <name>. I will get to work scaling these for the King right away.


While you have the quest, you may bring in a Gigantic Catfish along with the normal catch when fishing the Stormwind Canals. This allows one to complete the quest without resorting to larceny. The honest route does require more patience, as Gigantic Catfish do not hit on every cast. However, you will also help to level up your fishing skill.

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