AllianceA Fitting Weapon
Start Signilda Hardforge
End Therum Deepforge
Level 8-30
Type Dungeon
Category Warrior
Experience 2,300
Reputation +500 Stormwind
Rewards  [Broadsword of the Crown]
or  [Greatsword of the Crown]
Previous A Warrior [8-30] A Summons from Signilda Hardforge
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Warrior [8-30D] A Fitting Weapon.


Go to Shadowfang Keep and obtain the Silverlaine Family Sword from Baron Silverlaine, 5 crates of Moonsteel Ingots, and 5 Deathless Sinew.


From your earliest days, <name>, your trainers identified you as a natural talent. Your rapid progress and dedication have made you an example.

In recognition of your service, King Wrynn has commissioned the royal armorer to forge a special weapon.

Legend has it that the cursed Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest is home to a variety of materials that you will need. Travel there and find the lost Silverlaine family sword, a supply of moonsteel ingots, and sinew from ghouls and geists infesting the keep.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv sword 159.png [Broadsword of the Crown] Inv sword 2h blood c 02.png [Greatsword of the Crown]

You will also receive:


Did you bring the materials I'll need for your weapon?


Ander told me to expect you. It's quite an honor to be crafting a weapon for you, <name>. With these materials, it will be a fine blade indeed.


  1. A Warrior [8-30] A Summons from Signilda Hardforge (optional)
  2. A Warrior [8-30D] A Fitting Weapon

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