A Flawless Plan

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NeutralA Flawless Plan
Start Gino
End Gino
Level 78 (Requires 77)
Category Storm Peaks
Rewards 6g 80s
Previous N [78] Know No Fear
Next N [78] Demolitionist Extraordinaire


Gino at Garm's Rise wants you to plant the Hardpacked Explosive Bundle near Frostgut's Altar, kill Tormar Frostgut, and then escape the cave before it collapses on you.


Hey there! Joining us for the assault I assume?

I've got a special task for you... we're going to bring the whole cave down on their heads! Towards the back of their cave, you should find Frostgut's Altar. Sneak up and plant this hardpacked explosive bundle somewhere close to it.

Once the charge is placed, stick around just long enough to make sure Frostgut bites it, then get out quickly! There's no knowing how long the cave will last once that thing goes off!


You will receive: 6g 80s


That explosive bundle is my baby... it took me weeks to perfect it. WEEKS!

That's a long time... okay.


The whole mountain shook! Was it gorgeous? I bet it was! How could it not be?

And the Inventor's League tells me all of my inventions just blow up. Darn right they do! Hah!


Go in the cave, take a right, and follow the spiraling path all the way to the top of the cave around the water in the center. At the top is the altar and a view into a titan engine. Once the named is dead, jump down into the water, take a right, then a left to get out.


  1. N [78] Expression of Gratitude
  2. N [78] Ample Inspiration
  3. N [78] Opening the Backdoor
  4. N [78] Know No Fear
  5. N [78] A Flawless Plan
  6. N [78] Demolitionist Extraordinaire
  7. A [78] When All Else Fails or H [78] When All Else Fails

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