For the mage version, see N Mage [10-45] A Forgotten Enemy.
NeutralA Forgotten Enemy
Start Ethereal Communication Device
End Auto-complete
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 15,050 (level 100)
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous N Priest [10-45] A New Threat
Next N Priest [10-45] Eyes of the Dragon


Activate the Ethereal Communication Device at the Azure Dragonshrine.

  • Activate the communication device


The device still hums with power. It must have been abandoned not long ago.

The nearby switch appears to activate it.


You will receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 15,050 XP


So the Ethereum has taken the Nexus... and yet, that seems the least of our worries.

Their plan to widen the breach into the Twisting Nether poses a threat to all of Azeroth. It seems fate has set you on this path for a reason, <name>. Not only must you recover the weapon you seek, but you must put a stop to the Ethereum as well!

I regret that I cannot assist you more directly, but I will guide you as I can.


Upon activating the Communication Device Switch, a large hologram of Nexus-Prince Bilaal appears above the device.

Nexus-Prince Bilaal says: Who dares to...? Ah, what have we here?
Nexus-Prince Bilaal says: Another intruder come to claim the treasures of the Nexus Vault!
Nexus-Prince Bilaal says: You are too late, priest! Even now the powers within the vault serve to widen the breach into the Twisting Nether.
Nexus-Prince Bilaal says: With this power, the Ethereum will become unstoppable. We will become void!
Nexus-Prince Bilaal disappears.


  1. N Priest [10-45] Priestly Matters
  2. N Priest [10-45] A Legend You Can Hold
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Priest [10-45] The Light and the Void
  5. N Priest [10-45] Actions on Azeroth
  6. Complete all of:
  7. N Priest [10-45] Spread the Word
  8. N Priest [10-45] Recruiting the Troops
  9. N Priest [10-45] Troops in the Field
  10. N Priest [10-45] Tech It Up A Notch
  11. N Priest [10-45] Relieving the Front Lines
  12. N Priest [10-45] A Second Legend
  13. N Priest [10-45] The Third Legend
  14. N Priest [10-45] Whispers in the Void
  15. N Priest [10-45] The Best and Brightest
  16. Complete both:
  17. N Priest [10-45] Problem Salver
  18. Complete both:
  19. N Priest [10-45D] Eye of Azshara: Looking Through the Lens
  20. N Priest [10-45] Velen's Vision
  21. Complete all of:
  22. N Priest [10-45] Awakening the Light
  23. N Priest [10-45] Champion: Sol

Level 45

  1. N Priest [45] Infiltrating Our Enemies
  2. N Priest [45] Onslaught Envoy
  3. Complete both:
  4. N Priest [45] Unexpected Guests
  5. N Priest [45] Champion: Mariella Ward
  6. N Priest [45] Forgotten Shadows
  7. N Priest [45] Secrets of the Void
  8. N Priest [45] Into the Void
  9. N Priest [45] Champion: Natalie Seline
  10. N Priest [45] Rising Shadows
  11. N Priest [45] Crossing Legion Lines
  12. Complete both:
  13. N Priest [45] United As One
  14. N Priest [45] Aiding the Conclave
  15. Complete all of:
  16. N Priest [45] A Light in the Darkness
  17. N Priest [45] High Priest of Netherlight
  18. N Priest [45] Champion: Alonsus Faol
  19. N Priest [45] A Hero's Weapon

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