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Eastern Plaguelands Map

The Four Towers

In the wake of the recent Scourge invasion, the Eastern Plaguelands of Lordaeron have gained new strategic importance in the ongoing struggle between the powers of Azeroth. Naxxramas looms on the horizon, and the Scourge is preparing to move once again. The floating necropolis is a clear threat to all of Azeroth, but the presence of one of the Scourge's most important agents also provides a great opportunity to those willing to take the fight to the heart of the undead war machine. With this goal in mind, the Horde and Alliance are now vying for control over strategic points in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Four towers are crucial to establishing complete strategic control over the Eastern Plaguelands: Crown Guard Tower to the south, Eastwall Tower near Light's Hope Chapel, Northpass Tower to the north, and Plaguewood Tower in the northwest.[1]

Tower Breakdown[]

Tower Location Special Attributes
Crown Guard Tower South Grants exclusive access to the nearby graveyard just north of the tower.
Eastwall Tower Near Light's Hope Chapel Deploys an attack squad to Northpass Tower (regardless of which faction controls the tower).
Northpass Tower North Provides the controlling faction an altar that grants Lordaeron's Blessing, a 30 minute 5% health buff.
Plaguewood Tower Northwest Access to Flight Master William Kielar, who offers free flights to any of the other three towers.

Controlling the Towers[]

In order to capture a tower, a player must have PvP enabled. Capturing a tower is based on a tug-of-war system (much like Eye of the Storm).

When a tower is captured, a message is displayed in the local defense channel. Mousing over a tower on the map will display its ownership, and if it is contested or progressing.

Echoes of Lordaeron[]

When a faction controls at least one tower, that faction's players are granted the buff Inv bannerpvp 02 [Echoes of Lordaeron], increasing physical and magical damage to Undead. Echoes of Lordaeron is zone-wide across both Eastern Plaguelands and Stratholme.

The effect is based on the amount of towers controlled:

None -
1 1%
2 2%
3 3%
4 5%


Players who directly participate in capturing a tower receive 189 Bonus Honor.

Aside from the Echoes of Lordaeron buff, players may specifically look to control the Northpass Tower for Lordaeron's Blessing, as this buff functions in Naxxramas, Scholomance, and Stratholme.


Patch changes[]

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Removed. All towers claimed by Argent Crusade.
  • WoW Icon update Patch 1.12.1 (2006-09-26):
    • Players will no longer lose the Eastern Plaguelands PvP buff after dying in the zone.
    • Players will now port to the Crown Guard Tower graveyard if they die in Fungal Vale while their faction controls the tower.
    • Players will no longer be interrupted while sitting down in Eastern Plaguelands when contested towers change ownership.
    • Players will no longer receive honor if a tower in Eastern Plaguelands is captured while they are stealthed.
    • Lordaeron's Blessing buff from Eastern Plaguelands is no longer dispellable.
    • Players on Windows machines will now hear the victory music when their faction fully captures a tower in the Eastern Plaguelands.
  • WoW Icon update Patch 1.12.0 (2006-08-22): Added.

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