NeutralA Good Head On Your Shoulders
Start Trenton Lighthammer
End Trenton Lighthammer
Level 45 (Requires 40)
Category Blacksmithing
Experience 3900 EXP (or 23s 40c at level 70)
Rewards the recipe for  [Ornate Mithril Helm]


Bring two Mithril Coifs and one  [Ornate Mithril Shoulder] to Trenton Lighthammer.


It seems as if master had this planned from the start. I was not taught to create the items which you learned to create and you were not taught the items which I learned to create.

The master is wise, <name>. We shall teach each other!

Show me how to make a mithril coif and ornate mithril shoulders and I shall show you how to create an ornate mithril helm.


Have you completed the crafting of the items, <name>?


Excellent! A fair tradeoff, if I do say so myself. Watch and learn, <name>!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 3900 XP (or 23s 40c at level 70)
  • You learn the recipe to make  [Ornate Mithril Helm]. (No separate object involved.)


  1. A Blacksmithing [40] The Origins of Smithing / N [50-52] The Old Ways
  2. A Blacksmithing [40] In Search of Galvan / H Blacksmithing [40] Booty Bay or Bust!
  3. N Blacksmithing [40] The Mithril Order
  4. Three quests, which can be completed in any order:
    Complete all of the above to get the quest
    N Blacksmithing [45] Expert Blacksmith!
  5. Complete any one of the three to progress:
    N Blacksmithing [45] Galvan's Finest Pupil
  6. Again, three quests which can be completed in any order:
  7. N Blacksmithing [50] Did You Lose This?

This entire series is designed to earn you the recipes needed to complete this quest:

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