NeutralA Grisly Task
Start Revil Kost
End Revil Kost
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 15,250
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] Disturbing the Past
Next N Death knight [10-45] The Dark Riders


Raise the dead buried in the Sodden Graves in Deadwind Pass until you find one who can point you to the Dark Riders location.

  • Learn the location of the Dark Riders


Wet soil? Shallow graves?

I think the journal is referring to the gravesites off of the lake near Karazhan. Nobody knows who is buried there, but they may be the key to finding the Dark Riders.

You can... speak to the dead, yes?


You will receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 15,250 XP


The chill down my spine tells me that you must have met with success.

What did you find?


On accept:

Revil Kost says: Understand, I cannot be a part of what you must do. When you are finished, meet me outside Karazhan.
Revil makes his way out of the camp.
Revil Kost says: I will visit the church and pray to the Light for mercy upon both our souls.
He mounts up and rides off toward Karazhan.

Raising the corpses in the Sodden Graves may either cause a Forgotten Dead or, more importantly, Laith Sha'ol to spawn. Laith is initially a hostile undead...

Laith Sha'ol says: No! The blade must remain buried!
Laith Sha'ol says: You cannot have it!

... but after killing his reanimated body, his spirit briefly appears.

Laith Sha'ol says: Ariden... no! Why did you unearth that cursed blade?
Laith Sha'ol says: It must be retrieved. He cannot control the unbridled wrath within.
Laith Sha'ol says: Go to the catacombs. The curse must be lifted!


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