NecrolordA Helpful Hand

The obstacle course
Start Automatic [54.2, 68.0]300px
End Balmedar [52.7, 63.7]300px
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Necrolord Campaign
Experience 9,450
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous N [60] Improvised Implements
Next N [60] The Traitor Unmasked


The Skeletal Hand

Navigate the Reanimated Hand to the end of the hall and activate the Corroded Lever.


It takes but a simple act of necromancy to animate a hand. Unfortunately, since you will be in closest proximity, you must be the one to command it.

When you are ready, I will reanimate the hand. Once you have control, use it to pull the lever at the end of the hall.

Couldn't be simpler, right?


You will receive:

  • 25g 74s
  • 9,450 XP


We have no time to lose!


Move to the marked spot by the cell gate and use the bonus ability to gain control of the Skeletal Hand:

Inv skeletonhandpet bone.png  Animate Hand — Hold the skeletal hand outside the bars so that Balmedar can animate it.
Balmedar says: The lever is at the end of the hall.
Balmedar says: You may need to be a bit clever finding a path to reach it.

The lever is out in the hall off to the left, but it's fairly high up. Balmedar can't help but to backseat:

Balmedar says: Try scaling those shelves to reach the lever.

Additionally, a Bleak Skitterer spider traverses a chain that crosses the room at camera height, and falls off to the ground to make itself more noticeable.

Jump up the three sets of shelves, follow the spiderweb up to the chandelier, jump over to the other web leading down to the top of a bookshelf. Jump over to the other bookshelf, then jump on to the chain, cross the last bookshelf and the last spiderweb to reach the lever. Interact with it causes the cell doors to open and automatically causes you to stop controlling the hand to return to controlling your own body.

Balmedar says: Well, you did it! I never doubted you for a moment, of course.

Head into the neighboring cell to turn in to Balmedar.


  1. N [60] House of Rituals
  2. N [60] The Wayward Baron
  3. N [60] Playing Favorites, N [60] Pilfered Power, N [60] Burying Suspicion
  4. N [60] A Fitting Guise
  5. N [60] The Pupil Returns
  6. N [60] The Baron's Plan
  7. N [60] Mistress of Tomes
  8. N [60] Cantrip Collections, N [60] Errant Enchantments
  9. N [60] The Hall of Tomes
  10. N [60] Necessary Ingredients
  11. N [60] Heart of the Forest, N [60] Cage Free Spores
  12. N [60] The Final Reagent
  13. N [60] Explosive Schemes
  14. N [60] No Crate Unturned, N [60] Blinding the Brokers
  15. N [60] Designed to Fail
  16. N [60] Caught in the Act
  17. N [60] Improvised Implements
  18. N [60] A Helpful Hand
  19. N [60] The Traitor Unmasked
  20. N [60] The Better Part of Valor

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