A Hero's Weapon (rogue)

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NeutralA Hero's Weapon
Start Lord Jorach Ravenholdt
End Lord Jorach Ravenholdt
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Artifact
Experience 7,400
Rewards [Heroic Weapons]
9g 70s
Previous N Rogue [110] One More Thing...


Approach the indicated location before the Crucible of the Uncrowned and raise your weapon.

  • Artifact Infused


I'm pleased to say that the improvements to the crucible are complete!

When you are prepared, we shall use it to unlock the true potential of your weapons!


You will learn the following: [Heroic Weapons]

You will also receive: 9g 70s


Well done, Shadowblade.


May your new weapons serve you well.



Quest accept
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: In our line of work, we tend to develop a fondness for the tools of our trade. But your affinity for those blades is like nothing we've seen before.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: The resources you've gathered across the Broken Isles will allow us to unlock even greater killing potential in your weapons.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: Raise your weapons before the Crucible of the Uncrowned. Watch as it does its work, infusing your blades with deadly power!


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