This article is about the Dalaran inn. For the Classic Feralas quest, see A [46] A Hero's Welcome. For the Shadowmoon Valley quest on Draenor, see A [10-40] A Hero's Welcome.

A Hero's Welcome.

A Hero's Welcome is an inn located at the Silver Enclave of Dalaran. Isirami Fairwind is the innkeeper here, and Caliel Brightwillow is assistant innkeeper. Inzi and Marcella are the bar maidens that serve drinks to the patrons inside. Katherine and Derek are the chefs of the inn and cook food for hungry people.



  • Horde players can get themselves into the inn via having a paladin bubble them to get by guards. This can lead to fun things like two paladins bubble themselves and a warlock into the inn so they can summon other horde players into the inn as well. Although this is fun it can get boring after a while because there is really nothing to do there.
  • The bartender's name, Stefen Cotter is likely a reference to the 1970's TV show Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • The inn's name is likely a reference to a line from the song "Go the Distance," written for the 1997 Disney animated movie Hercules.
  • There is a box of Hearthstones located at the bottom of the lefthand staircase in the Legion version of Dalaran.
  • In patch 7.2.0, Danath Trollbane was added here after he disappeared at the beginning of the warrior Artifact questline.