AllianceA Horrible Place
Start Grettle Haribull
End Grettle Haribull
Level 30-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 Storm's Wake
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [30-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [30-50] Not On Our Payroll


Collect 6 Wetshell Turtles.


This town is a horrible place full of bad people. All they care about is money! No one cares about the turtles!

The turtles are out there, thirsty, drying up, and getting stepped on by monsters!

You have to save the turtles for me!


You will receive:


Save the turtles.


They're still moving! Emma's going to be so happy they are still fresh!


Before heading out to the Briny Flats, complete A [30-50] Don't Turtle and pick up A [30-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm.

On the flats, look for Pinku'shon, a rare hermit crab, at [38.1, 50.8] in the northwest end of the quest area.

Looting Wetshell Turtles will aggro Wetshell Matriarches, so watch out.

Upon completion
Grettle Haribull walks inside to reveal the ultimate deception.
Grettle Haribull says: Fresh turtles Emma! You gotta pay me my share now!


Optional breadcrumb from Eckhart Lodge: A [30-50] Reloading

  1. A [30-50] Break 'Em Out & A [30-50] Iron Low Tide & A [30-50] Two Faced Pirate Scum
  2. A [30-50] Treasure Hunting
  3. A [30-50] Bomb Beats Rock & A [30-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [30-50] Not On Our Payroll & A [30-50] Fun With Magnets
  4. A [30-50] Share the Wealth
  5. A [30-50] Don't Turtle
  6. A [30-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm
  7. A [30-50] No Bot Left Behind
  8. A [30-50] Cave Commotion
  9. A [30-50] All Laid Out For Us
  10. Optional follow-up: A [30-50W] Walking-Around Money

Outbound breadcrumb to Seabreeze Village: A [30-50] Helping Out, Somewhere Else

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