NeutralA Job Unfinished...
Start  [Partially Digested Hand]
End Overlord Mor'ghor
Level 25-30
Type Group
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Reputation Netherwing +250
Rewards  [Ascendant's Boots] or  [Dragonmaw Augur's Cinch] or  [Drake Tamer's Gloves] or  [Skybreaker's Mantle]
13g 20s

A Job Unfinished... begins by looting a  [Partially Digested Hand] from Arvoar the Rapacious. Players are tasked to kill 10 Overmine Flayers and Barash the Den Mother. This quest has a suggested group of 2 players and is available at neutral reputation with Netherwing after completing N [25-30] Enter the Taskmaster.


Slay 10 Overmine Flayers and Barash the Den Mother. Return to Overlord Mor'ghor at the Dragonmaw Base Camp should you succeed.

You will need:


  • Overmine Flayer (10)
  • Barash the Den Mother

  • Suggested Players: [2]


In the name of our great master... For the glory of Illidan!

By order of Overlord Mor'ghor, the great plateau of Netherwing Ledge is to be secured. With all Netherwing drakes captured or forced off of the land, rock flayers are running rampant and threatening crystal harvesting operations.

Destroy them all, their den mother and her consort, Arvoar.

Mor'ghor commands it!

<It would appear that this orc failed to take the plateau. It is time to prove your worth to Mor'ghor!>


Who dares approach Mor'ghor? This had better be important.


So from the remains of one of my own overseers you recovered the command and took matters into your own hands? You have managed to impress Mor'ghor. Well done...


You will be allowed to choose one of the following
Inv boots 02.png [Ascendant's Boots] Inv belt 07.png [Dragonmaw Augur's Cinch]
Inv gauntlets 03.png [Drake Tamer's Gloves] Inv shoulder 11.png [Skybreaker's Mantle]

You will also receive: 13g 20s


To start this quest, kill Arvoar the Rapacious and loot the hand. Both named flayers will cast a point-blank AOE fear, so be certain to clear as many flayers in the area as feasible.

Barash will also turn green, go immune and skate away to aggro a number of the smaller flayers. Not sure whether this is a bug as it seemed to happen randomly; and she was not running, she was stuck in one pose and slid along the ground.

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