AllianceA King's Tribute
Level range 30 - 31


Wetlands, Hillsbrad Foothills

A letter by a now-fallen soldier stirs King Magni Bronzebeard to commission a monument to him.

A King's Tribute

A [30] Sully Balloo's Letter
Whilst diving off the Thandol Span in Wetlands (or Arathi Highlands, depending on the end you're thinking of), you discover a skeleton amidst the wreckage of the western span. The dead soldier had been trapped by falling rubble, and unable to deliver the letter you find in its hand.


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Reading it, you discover that it is written to a Sara Balloo, in Ironforge. You vow to deliver it to her.
A [30] Sara Balloo's Plea
Finding her in the The Military Ward of Ironforge, you deliver the letter.
Sara requests that you carry a letter from her to King Magni Bronzebeard. Under the circumstances, you can scarcely refuse.
A [30] A King's Tribute
The king takes a moment to read Sara's plea.
War has more than enough misery to go around, and has taken its toll from the king as well. While he cannot bring Sara's husband back from the Twisting Nether, he can pay tribute to him.
The king intends to commission a statue to Sully, and asks that you oversee the project, sending you to the sculptor Grand Mason Marblesten.
A [31] A King's Tribute
Marbelsten is impressed by the commission, and wants the best stones available. And that is  [Alterac Granite], found at Darrow Hill among the Hillsbrad Foothills.
You go to Darrow Hill, and finally discover a cave that has pieces both suitable for the statue and small enough to carry away with you. You gather the amount that Marblesten asked for, though you have to fight off the many Yetis that inhabit the cave in the process.
A [31] A King's Tribute
You deliver the stone, and watch a master at his craft.
Some time passes, and Marbelsten completes the statue. While he arranges for the statue to be delivered and erected, he asks you to take word back to the king.
The king is quite pleased with the outcome: a monument to the Sully, and all the fallen of this war.


Completing these quests, you earn

For completing the final quest, you receive:

Inv jewelry ring 13.png [Ironforge Memorial Ring]


The letter that starts this chain off is a tribute to a relatively well known letter written by Sulivan Ballou during the American Civil War.


  1. A [30] Sully Balloo's Letter
  2. A [30] Sara Balloo's Plea
  3. A [30] A King's Tribute
  4. A [31] A King's Tribute
  5. A [31] A King's Tribute