NeutralA Lesson in Humility
Start Sire Denathrius [53.4, 63.9]
End Sire Denathrius [53.4, 63.9]
Level 57 (Requires 57)
Category Revendreth
Experience 3,900
Rewards  [Mantle of Pained Absolution]
or  [Nightcloaked Spaulders]
or  [Soul Hunter's Monnion]
or  [Stoneforged Spaulders]
12g 63s 60c
Previous N [58] The Accuser's Fate
Next N [59] The Grove of Terror


Witness the Accuser's judgment.


Thank you for your service in deposing the Accuser and elevating Lord Chamberlain in her place.

The Accuser's unprompted betrayal has rendered her both undeserving and unfit to serve on the Court of Harvesters.

Now, please, observe what happens to traitors in Revendreth.


You will receive one of:
Inv shoulder cloth oribosquesting b 01.png [Mantle of Pained Absolution] Inv shoulder leather oribosquesting b 01.png [Nightcloaked Spaulders]
Inv mail oribosquesting b 01 shoulder.png [Soul Hunter's Monnion] Inv shoulder plate oribosquesting b 01.png [Stoneforged Spaulders]

You will also receive:

  • 12g 63s 60c
  • 3,900 XP


Please observe silently, Maw Walker.


I am nothing if not merciful and understanding.

The Accuser will be given every opportunity to repent her errors and learn from them.


Speak with Denathrius again:

I find no solace in the punishment of these traitors.
But, as a servant of Revendreth, I do what I must to preserve peace here.
In time, I hope they will see the error of their ways.
Gossip I will witness the Accuser's judgment.
Sire Denathrius says: Accuser, I gave you a simple task. Instead, you chose rebellion.
The Accuser says: You ordered me to defile the ancient rituals that define who we are. I will not do that, even for you.
Sire Denathrius says: A poor decision. You are hereby accused of defying the will of Revendreth.
The Accuser says: I accuse YOU, Denathrius, of failing in your charge. YOU are the one who defies the will of Revendreth.
Sire Denathrius yells: Defy Revendreth? I AM Revendreth!
Sire Denathrius says: Perhaps a few centuries burning in the Ember Ward will remind you of who rules this place.
The Accuser says: Even your punishments reveal your complacency. Very well. Hide me with your other failures.
The Accuser says: You were once the lord of dread. Now? Now your teeth have lost their terror.
Sire Denathrius says: Have they now? We shall see. Fearstalker! Prepare your hunters.

This concludes the "The Accuser" chapter of the Revendreth storyline. The campaign continues with N [59] The Grove of Terror.


  1. N [58] I Don't Get My Hands Dirty
  2. N [58] The Accuser's Sinstone
  3. N [58] Inquisitor Stelia's Sinstone and N [58] Temel, the Sin Herald
  4. N [58] Herald Their Demise
  5. N [58] Inquisitor Vilhelm's Sinstone
  6. N [58] Ending the Inquisitor
  7. N [58] Sinstone Delivery
  8. N [58] The Accuser's Secret
  9. N [58] The Accuser's Fate
  10. N [57] A Lesson in Humility

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