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A Little Patience
A Little Patience loading screen
Location Deepwild, Krasarang Wilds
Race(s) OrcOrc Orc
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome
HumanHuman Human
Jinyu Jinyu
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Night elfNight elf Night elf
End boss Commander Scargash
Instance info
Type Scenario
Minimum level 90
Minimum average
item level
Player limit 3

A Little Patience is a scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Lorewalker Cho has provided champions of the Horde the ability to run the scenario in Patch 5.2.


Drive the Horde from the occupied temple of the Red Crane!

The blessed Temple of the Red Crane is the ancestral home of Chi-Ji, the celestial embodiment of hope. From within the temple's ornate halls, the Red Crane wings out to oppose the despair that spread through the murky Krasarang Wilds like a cancer. But, with the recent arrival of Horde occupation forces, the sacred site has become a fortification, and the Crane's servants hostages.

Leaders of the Alliance, foremost among them Varian Wrynn, are divided on how to deal with the problem. To remove the Horde from the temple without needlessly sacrificing Alliance lives, you’ll need to lure them out and take them down with carefully placed traps.[1]


The scenario takes place along the eastern bank of the Krasarang River in Krasarang Wilds. The Horde have holed up in the Temple of the Red Crane, and Tyrande Whisperwind is ready to charge in to root them out. It is up to Varian Wrynn and a group of adventurers to lure the Horde troops out of the temple and kill Commander Scargash. Adventurers are tasked with helping to set up two of five racial traps between the Temple of the Red Crane and Predator's Perch, a hastily-built Alliance camp between the Crane Wing Refuge and the river.


Crane Wing Refuge - Fallsong Village - Predator's Perch - Temple of the Red Crane
A Little Patience map
A Little Patience
King Varian Wrynn @ 42.0, 15
Dwarves @ 39.5, 23
Dwarf trap @ 61.8, 45
Gnomes @ 42.4, 24
Gnome trap @ 38.6, 49
Night elves @ 36.7, 16
Jinyu @ 22.6, 32
Jinyu trap @ 47.9, 54
Pandaren @ 48.6, 22
Pandaren trap @ 57.1, 29
Commander Scargash @ 47.6, 60

Stage Guide[]

Stage 1: Prepare the Defenses[]

A Little Patience intro - Varian and Tyrande

Varian and Tyrande

Assist the two groups of laborers in the construction of their defenses.

  • 2 Defenses constructed

As the scenario begins, a short cutscene introduces the situation:

Tyrande Whisperwind says: We have them cornered inside the temple. We should strike now!
King Varian Wrynn says: Things are rarely what they seem, Tyrande. And my son tells me this is a sacred place.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: All the more reason to purify it.
King Varian Wrynn says: They're defending a fixed position. I'm not going to play their game. We'll draw them out.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: You are wasting precious time.
King Varian Wrynn says: You three are my eyes and ears. Fan out! Prepare a defense!
Chi-Ji says: A test! A trial of patience. Will the wolf behave as a warrior... or a King?

There are five racial camps that can build traps: dwarves, gnomes, night elves, jinyu, and pandaren. Interact with any named unit to start construction of a trap. At the trap's location, fan out and help gather supplies by killing mobs or looting objects, then using the looted items back at the trap. The looted items will speed up the pace of construction, which is important, as Varian is only willing to wait for 12 minutes once the first named NPC has been interacted with.

  • Inv staff 2h pandariatradeskill c 05 [Adorned Sceptre] - looted from Researcher Morian, can be used at the jinjyu site
  • Inv misc food wheat 02 [Battle Rations] - looted from hostile humanoids, can be used at all sites
  • Inv weapon shortblade 09 [Brittle Root] - looted from roots next to trees all over the scenario, can be used at the jinyu and pandaren sites
  • Inv misc herb 08 [Jungle Hops] - found on the ground, used at the pandaren site
  • Inv ore platinum 01 [Krasari Iron] - found on the ground, used at the dwarven and gnomish sites
  • Inv hammer 17 [Laborer's Tool] - found between Tyrande and Varian, and also near the rest location of all named NPCs, can be used at all sites
  • Ability warlock burningembers [Liquid Fire] - looted frm various mobs, can be used at the pandaren site
  • Inv misc food 50 [Meaty Haunch] - looted from beasts, can be used at all sites
  • Inv cask 04 [Misplaced Keg] - looted from kegs on the ground, can be used at the pandaren site
  • Ability vehicle oiljets [Snake Oil] - looted from various mobs, can be used at the gnome site
  • Inv misc book 11 [Soggy Journal] - looted from Goremaw, can be turned in at the gnome site
  • Inv misc volatilewater [Spirit-Kissed Water] - looted from water elementals, wakens Master Brownstone, can be used at the pandaren or night elf sites
  • Ability vehicle siegeenginecannon [Unexploded Cannonball] - looted from the ground, can be used at the dwarven site

During Construction[]

  • King Varian Wrynn says: Ready our defenses. They have to come out eventually.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Stand your ground, we'll wait them out.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Get those defenses ready.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Use the terrain to our advantage.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: We need to support each other. They'll target any weakness.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: We're almost ready. Keep on working!
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Force them into bottlenecks. Let them think they can win...
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Don't charge in. Let them make the first mistake.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: This area is ours. Make them pay for every inch.
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Keep working, we'll win on our terms!
  • King Varian Wrynn says: Make use of every resource! Leave them nowhere to run!
Tyrande Whisperwind says: We are wasting time. We should move in for the kill!
King Varian Wrynn says: Patience, Tyrande.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: You are being tentative, Varian. You must be decisive if you wish to lead the Alliance.
King Varian Wrynn says: Patience, Tyrande. We'll have our victory, but we're not going in unprepared.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Why do we not attack them outright?
King Varian Wrynn says: I won't throw away Alliance lives. I will accept nothing less than total victory.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: They mock us from within the temple.
King Varian Wrynn says: Good. That means they're about to break.

Engaging the Horde without construction completion[]

  • King Varian Wrynn yells: Stay back! Don't let them lure you in!
  • King Varian Wrynn yells: Stay away from the temple doors you're playing right into their hands.


Duff McStrum can be found found at [39.5, 23.3]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip south of Varian and Tyrande, west of the gnomish camp. The dwarves will set up their trap far to the southeast at [61.8, 45.5]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip, on the path leading from the Ruins of Dojan and the Temple of the Red Crane. On occasion, an elite unit will attack the camp, stopping all progress.

King Varian Wrynn says: Good sturdy dwarven construction. That ought to do some damage.


Rosey Axlerod can be found at [42.4, 24.2]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip south of Varian and Tyrande, east of the dwarven camp. The gnomes will set up their trap far to the south at [38.6, 49.7]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip on the path leading from the Temple of the Red Crane to Dawnchaser Retreat. On occasion, an elite unit will attack the camp, stopping all progress.

King Varian Wrynn says: Gnome ingenuity. The Horde won't know what hit them.

Night elves[]

Ferra Pearl can be found at [36.7, 16.4]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip southwest of Tyrande and Varian, next to the lake.

Tyrande Whisperwind says: Our fortifications are ready.
King Varian Wrynn says: Good. The plan is coming together.


Elder Adler can be found at [22.6, 32.6]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip across the lake to the west at Fallsong Village. The jinyu trap is constructed at [47.9, 54.1]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip immediately north of the Temple of the Red Crane. Kor'kron Paratroopers will occasionally drop in to interrupt construction.

King Varian Wrynn says: I see our Jinyu allies are prepared. How go the rest of the preparations?


Master Brownstone can be found at [48.6, 22.6]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip southeast of Tyrande and Varian, asleep at Crane Wing Refuge. The pandaren will set up dragon guns further east at [57.1, 29.5]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip between a small bluff and a tree. The pandaren are prone to falling asleep, but Inv misc volatilewater [Spirit-Kissed Water], looted from water spirits, will awaken Master Brownstone.

King Varian Wrynn says: Excellent work. Lets see what these Pandaren homesteaders are capable of.

Final Stage: Kill Commander Skargash[]

Defeat Commander Scargash and reclaim the Temple of the Red Crane.

  • Defeat Commander Scargash

Once both traps have been constructed, Scargash calls in the paratroopers:

King Varian Wrynn yells: They're coming. Get behind the defenses!
Commander Scargash yells: Alliance dogs! Where are your teeth?
King Varian yells: Come out and count them, coward!
King Varian yells: There is no army here. Only a handful of heroes stand between you and the King of Stormwind. Are you afraid?
Commander Scargash yells: Bring up the grunts. Attack!

The grunts will run in and be destroyed by the traps. Ignore them. Head south down to the Temple of the Red Crane at [47.6, 60.8]VZ-A Little PatienceBlip to find two groups of three elites. Take both groups out and Scargash will jump down and become attackable:

Commander Scargash yells: For the warchief!

Heal up, buff up, then start the attack:

Commander Scargash yells: Your Alliance is WEAK!

Scargash is a level 90 elite with 7,090,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Crushing Leap 40 yd range — Jumps to an enemy's location, inflicting Physical damage to all enemies within 0 yards, knocking them back. Instant. Hits for 26,000-28,000 Physical on plate.
  • Blood Rage Melee range — Commander Scargash is filled with rage, causing his melee attacks to inflict addtional Physical damage. 2 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Acts as a fixate and hits for ~40,000 Physical on cloth after successful melee swings. Announced by...
Commander Scargash yells: I am done with you!
Commander Scargash is filled with rage! Avoid his melee attacks!

Kite him around when he gains Blood Rage, otherwise he does nothing special.

A Little Patience finale

At the temple

On victory, Varian, Tyrande, and Chi-Ji run in:

King Varian Wrynn says: The day is ours! And not a drop of blood was shed on holy ground.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: I would have charged right in. Many more lives would have been lost in my rush for victory.
King Varian Wrynn says: There was a time where I would have done the same. But I've learned a lot over the years. I've fallen for too many of Garrosh's tricks.
King Varian Wrynn says: From now on, we define the terms of the engagement.
King Varian Wrynn says: Tyrande, I may not be a politician. But I am a fighter. I know we can win this war.
King Varian Wrynn says: We just need to stand together. You have to trust me. Know that I will do the right thing. If we act as one, we cannot fail.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: I see that now. Our strength is yours to command, High King. May this be the first of many victories.
Chi-Ji says: A sword is the weapon of a warrior, but patience is the weapon of kings.
Chi-Ji says: This day brings victory, but more trials lie ahead...




Patch changes[]


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